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Get ’em Whilst They’re Young

It’s tough enough being 6, what with all those great things to believe in – dragons, Easter bunnies, Santa, Superheroes … but kids being kids, if you are different and decide not to believe, then YOU are DIFFERENT… and you’ll be picked on by the other kids… your friends… because THEY’VE already been successfully hooked by their teachers, or have succumbed to the pressure of their school friends.

This was touched on in HEY PREACHER! – but at the time I did not click as to the peer pressure from kids who follow blindly…

This is how social brainwashing works. This is kids who don’t understand, pushing other kids into something they don’t understand…. and anywhere outside of religion, this would cause an uproar as BULLYING.

I’m all for people learning about religions, but this is wrong.


You think YOUR dad is hard…?

A bit of a side step from the usual God & Son fare….

Please follow the links to the original art work by the very talented artist Chris Woods. He’s also a top pod-caster with Horsetrack Hooligans.

Stations of the Cross – Artwork

Chris Woods – Artist

Note: I have had permission to use this work from Chris, although the ‘humour’ expressed is not necessarily his... so don’t blame him for that.

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Pop Goes Your Head

Based on THIS full blown rant from the Sometimespace blog

Thanks to Stephen Fry for his re-tweet on this post today –

Here’s how crazy it went:

The Fry Effect – and some sums…



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Why Cliff Richard isn’t Dead

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Gratuitous Euphemisms


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WTF Weather?!?!?!

It is said in England, that if you do not like the weather, you just have to wait 5 minutes.

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Here be Heaven

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Crazy Cat Woman

“…the letters, many of them preserved against her wishes (she had requested that they be destroyed but was overruled by her church), reveal that for the last nearly half-century of her life she felt no presence of God whatsoever —”

“…Kolodiejchuk and Martin assume that Teresa’s inability to perceive Christ in her life did not mean he wasn’t there. In fact, they see his absence as part of the divine gift that enabled her to do great work.” *

Extract from TIME

*Really?…. that old excuse?! – God: Master of the small print

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Bloody Cold Callers!

So many levels…..

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