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They Shoot Beatles, Don’t They?

on April 21, 2012

Mark Chapman, the man who killed Lennon.

(Taken from Wikipedia)

Chapman became a born again Christian, and distributed Biblical tracts. He met his first girlfriend, another Christian named Jessica Blankenship. He began work as a YMCA summer camp counsellor; he was very popular with the children, who nicknamed him “Nemo“.

Chapman has said that after converting to Christianity he “…never again disbelieved in the Lord or Christ or in the fact that I knew Him and could of course talk to Him any time I wanted to and get back into a deeper relationship with Him“. He remained within the denomination of Presbyterianism.

Links have been drawn between Chapman’s psychological disturbance and his perception that he was being tempted by Satan, and able to be saved from sinful human nature through praying to God. Chapman says that in the weeks prior to the murder, the message ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill‘ flashed on the TV at him, and was also on a wall hanging put up by his wife in their apartment.

On the night before the murder, Chapman and his wife discussed getting help with his problems by first working on his relationship with God. (Yeah…. talk to an imaginary concept about your mental issues…. I don’t see that as a problem….)

Besides my atheist/anti-theist views, which annoy some folk…. I also can’t stand Paul McCartney…. although I do like John Lennon.

This rendition of Imagine is from the PLAYING FOR CHANGE foundation, who are dedicated to creating positive change through music & arts education. See…. there are alternatives.


2 responses to “They Shoot Beatles, Don’t They?

  1. Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.

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