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God Help a Paradox!

The following was originally published by me, over at SOMETIMESPACE.

Okay… there are a lot of links in this blog entry. They go some way to showing what is involved, and who is involved, in parts of the following tale…. It is quite a short write up, considering how deep I could take it… so please bear with me…

The Scene…

A lorry has a tyre blow out on a major busy road in a hilly area of the country.

The trailer slides across the Tarmac & hits a car.

The car is smashed off of the road and it ends up upside down at the roadside.

A little girl inside is seriously injured.

In seconds, the traffic has stopped & other road users are phoning in the accident. They use mobile phones that have been developed over time by countless thousands of engineers who can trace telephone technology back to people like Bell and Marconi – or in this case, Dr Martin Cooper of Motorola with the first mobile phone.

These engineers went to school, college & university to study. They were taught by countless more lecturers & teachers who spent their lives learning their vocational skills and also attending schools, colleges, universities etc to enable them to go on and educate others. The same is said of the people who trained these instructors and… well, it goes on and on. Thousands of people lead to the witnesses of the crash being able to phone emergency services.

Of course, the emergency services couldn’t be contacted if there was no telephone infrastructure in place, and also if there was no way to generate electricity to power the systems that allow for the phones to charge and for the entire grid of communications to operate.

Again we have engineers, scientists and the initial inventors to thank for harnessing the power of electricity, into making it possible to give all the houses & businesses the ability to power their equipment… and go in all of the cars, lorries, boats, aircraft and so on… that all need batteries to start/run their engines, motors & electrical systems. And again there are the instructors, lecturers etc that teach these skills to enable this resource to develop and operate safer & more reliably day after day…. and the people who taught the people to teach…

Thinking about it, those teachers need somewhere to teach… so we must remember architects, builders, plumbers (ooh, the Romans for their work on plumbing), electricians, carpenters, roofers etc… and all the people who taught them… and those that taught those that taught them… etc.

Oh Hell, mustn’t forget the workers (and those that died progressing their areas of employment, working to provide for our prior generations, and those to come) in foundries, mills, mines, quarries who supplied the materials to build the schools… And don’t forget the people who taught them…. and here we go again….

So far we have a witness calling for help over a mobile phone, and someone from the emergency services taking that call & passing it on the the relevant rescue services… and we have thousands and thousands of people who helped make that call take place…. So many people who are each owed something for what they brought to the table on this day, so to speak.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Rescue and emergency services head out to the crash site. The rescuers included countless Police to divert traffic & control the crash scene for starters. Then the ambulances & fire engines come along. Paramedics & firefighters to cut the victims from the wreck & give emergency aid to get them stable for the urgent ambulance helicopter flight to an airport so that the girl can be transferred to a faster aircraft to get to the hospital.

I've worked on this aircraft at GAMA - I'm part of this huge chain that helped.

Think of the technology, the training, the skills and dedication involved in all of this! Even down to the rescue services “Jaws of Life“… the hydraulic cutters used to remove the roofs off of cars to allow people to be removed from them safely…

Heck, we need to thank the ancient Greeks & Chinese for their initial work in hydraulics, and Blaise Pascal (1600’s) for his work in modern hydraulic principles, that eventually lead to generations of teachers training generations of engineers to eventually come up with, and make “The Jaws of Life”.

All of those emergency vehicles have engines that developed from steam engines to internal combustion engines… We owe Karl Benz for some of the first practical motor cars… Nikolaus Otto is to thank for coal/gas burning reciprocal engines.

Then there’s the gas turbine engine in the air ambulance helicopter… this goes back to Bernoulli and more practically, Sir Frank Whittle… Oh yeah, the helicopter goes back to Leonardo da Vinci… and the modem father is Igor Sikorsky.

The technology that went into making all of those car, lorry, helicopter systems etc… is owed to an impossible number of inventors, scientist, scholars, boffins…. teachers, foundry workers… and on and on….

Almost forgot Babbage & the calculating machine he created, or the first simple mechanical computer of Thomas Fowler in 1840! … or the many variations of the abacus… or the efforts at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing and Tommy Flowers… regarded as the fathers of modern computing… Without this line of thought & engineering, the computer reliant vehicles (ground and air) would not function… or be able to be designed…

Do I have to go into how many people have helped progress THIS side of technology! MILLIONS! Don’t forget all of those ancient mathematicians that developed theories, rules, formulas etc that allowed ANY engineering to take place… Archimedes, Aristotle, Pythagoras… some of maths many fathers…

So yeah… The little girl is cut from the car & her condition is stabilised. She is put in the helicopter & flown to the hospital (by trained pilots who have spent years training etc and so on… you know what I mean by now…).

She arrives at the trauma centre, which was an idea first established in the 1960’s by R Adams Cowley, and is rushed into surgery (developed from around the 1500’s by countless scientists and researchers in medicine)… and I think if you have half a brain cell, that you’ll know where this is heading….

Trained staff, technology, inventors, scientists, infrastructure, upper tier staff, lower tier staff, buildings, services…. allowing the paramedics, doctors, nurses & other specialists to save the little girls life, using equipment that has been developed over generations of medical and non medical research, by people whose names you can’t help but recognise, including the likes of Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, Hannah Myrick, Louis Pasteur, Alexis Carrel and Henry Dakin, Joseph Lister…. the list is endless…. or at least it may as well be, because every branch of medicine or medical research was generated from a different branch, or developed into others…

Research has expanded and helped us… and with that expansion comes the need for more people to teach, to learn, to think, to progress…

Millions of people and their ancestors all helped

The above list doesn’t touch the surface of all of those that were involved in that one little girls life being saved, but as you can see, the human count in this pyramid that ends with that little girls life contains millions of unsung heroes. People who worked just to find answers. Some were imprisoned & forced to work. Some were slaves, some were kings & queens… All walks of life through the ages.

And then there’s the press who interview the parents after the girl has been saved…. and the parents… they turn to the camera and say into the microphone…

“Thank God our daughter survived…. We knew he was looking down on her all the time…”

No mention of the Doctors, the nurses, the pilots, the Police, the rescue and emergency services, the witnesses at the scene… let alone the millions in history that allowed it to all play out….

Even if you are religious, then sure, thank your God, but don’t forget the physical people who did all the hands on work.

If you do want to thank ‘God’….. Don’t forget one tiny little thing…

…Who do you think allowed the crash to happen in the first place?

Yes, you guessed it....

You live on the shoulders of millions who lived before you.

Don’t ever forget that.

Oh, and before you go and say “It’s all a test God has set us“… then please read THIS

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Divine Email Scam

Ah, you noticed the unquestionable lack of proof required for the end result…

… So did the Church, suckers!

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Heavyweight Smurthwaite

Kate blogs about the incident HERE.

Kate Smurthwaite is a stand-up comic and political activist.

Follow her on Twitter or her BLOG, or visit her YouTube channel.


BBC – The Big Questions


The Pope’s a Dope

Papal infallibility states that, by action of the Holy Spirit, the Pope is preserved from even the possibility of error when in his official capacity he solemnly declares or promulgates to the universal Church a dogmatic teaching on faith or morals. [1]

Ex Cathedra: In connection with papal infallibility, the Latin phrase ex cathedra (literally, “from the chair”) has been defined as meaning “when, in the exercise of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians, in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority, (the Bishop of Rome) defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole Church”. [2]

In short, the Pope is the worst of the lot of the religious leaders. He (according to Matthew 16:19) has the power and authorisation to change what can and can’t be done on Earth, and will then be accepted in Heaven…

Just to keep you on your toes, the Holy See (Judicial body of the Catholic Church) won’t actually say what things are held to be infallible… Yup, they leave that door open just in case they want to change their minds or enforce something at a later date….

Matthew 16:19

King James 2000 Bible (©2003)

“…And I will give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be what has been bound in heaven: and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be what has been loosed in heaven.”

Bible: New Living Translation (©2007)

“…And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.”

Simply put, if the Pope says it’s cool to be gay, and same sex marriages are fine…. then ‘God‘ will accept that, as it is held true on Earth, then it’s all good for Heaven…. Same with abortion & contraception, etcetera.

If you have already jumped ahead in the thinking behind this, then yes…. the Pope can change anything to suit anything.

It’s a clause that would work really well in bringing the Bible and religion up to date to suit the way the world is now…

… but no…. The Pope retains these anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-contraception (etc) views because they are the views that HE and his Storm Troopers hold, and these are the views he forces upon the world as “God’s words” – proving once more that the Church is just a power hungry political party that uses fictional story characters to scare people into living how THEY, the religious leaders, want them to live.

To be honest, I’m surprised the Pope hasn’t made child molesting within the upper ranks of the Church officially acceptable, as it would really get them all out of a lot of trouble…. Bastards.

[1], [2] – Source: Wikipedia

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They Shoot Beatles, Don’t They?

Mark Chapman, the man who killed Lennon.

(Taken from Wikipedia)

Chapman became a born again Christian, and distributed Biblical tracts. He met his first girlfriend, another Christian named Jessica Blankenship. He began work as a YMCA summer camp counsellor; he was very popular with the children, who nicknamed him “Nemo“.

Chapman has said that after converting to Christianity he “…never again disbelieved in the Lord or Christ or in the fact that I knew Him and could of course talk to Him any time I wanted to and get back into a deeper relationship with Him“. He remained within the denomination of Presbyterianism.

Links have been drawn between Chapman’s psychological disturbance and his perception that he was being tempted by Satan, and able to be saved from sinful human nature through praying to God. Chapman says that in the weeks prior to the murder, the message ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill‘ flashed on the TV at him, and was also on a wall hanging put up by his wife in their apartment.

On the night before the murder, Chapman and his wife discussed getting help with his problems by first working on his relationship with God. (Yeah…. talk to an imaginary concept about your mental issues…. I don’t see that as a problem….)

Besides my atheist/anti-theist views, which annoy some folk…. I also can’t stand Paul McCartney…. although I do like John Lennon.

This rendition of Imagine is from the PLAYING FOR CHANGE foundation, who are dedicated to creating positive change through music & arts education. See…. there are alternatives.


Hey! Preacher, Leave those Kids Alone

School is for learning proven facts. Core studies, maths, language, geography, health & fitness, logic & understanding…. and doubly so during the early years at infant school.

So it makes me angry that religion… a faith based subject, is taught to kids who do not understand the principal of faith.

Kids who play games of pretend, who think the Easter Bunny is real and get upset when a cartoon character gets an ouchie, are being taught that the figures in religion are real….

Real?!?! Well, that’s a matter of OPINION, and not FACT. Don’t get the two mixed up.

Maths is fact, science is fact, geography is fact…. God is a matter of opinion…. FACT.

My lad (not yet 6) is being taught religion, not ABOUT religion. Two very different things. I want him to know about religion, but I don’t want him (at this age) being indoctrinated INTO a religion. The same Christians that shout out about anti-abortion because a foetus has a right, then go on to take the right away from a young child by forcing views (not facts) on them!!!

I’m all for the teaching of morals and knowing right from wrong…. but religion is a choice, not a thing to be forced on a fertile, imaginative and highly absorbent mind.

You may as well teach them sex education, and instil in them that GAY IS BAD AND WRONG…. oh… some backward schools do…. but that’s for another blog site to deal with.

It’s a misuse of trust and enough to push an atheist to anti-theism…


No Pull Inn Power…

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Takei Note…


Ah, Mr. Sulu, you legend!

George’s official web page

Happy Dance

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Who is this Super Hero…?

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