God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Body Count’s in the House


Let there be MURDER!!!!

Yup… Mind you, they deserved to die, and the way they were killed was perfectly suited to the crimes they committed.

Example: 42 kids mauled to death by she-bears that God set on them…. because they mocked a bald man. Righteous & balanced justice*.

*My arse.


Hook, Line & Sinker


Yeah…. There’s one born every minute…

Ponzi schemes are for suckers who put faith in the big reward, but with no real proofs.

The promoter (CHURCH) sells shares (SALVATION) to investors (FOLLOWERS) by taking advantage of a lack of investor knowledge (SCIENCE) or competence (COMPETENCE), or using claims of a proprietary investment strategy (GOD) which must be kept secret (THE INEFFABLE WORD OF GOD) to ensure a competitive edge (A PLACE IN HEAVEN).


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Scheming Bastards

Oh yea, praise the Holy Pyramid scheme


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Didn’t Dino-See


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Let There Be Light


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Artistic License to Kill


I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like…

I also know someone who does know a lot about art…. And he paints what I like.

Thanks to Chris Woods for his answers to my lowly art questions…

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Gay Parents are BAD?!


So same sex parents are bad for a child?
Okay, this is just more religious bullshit…

Let’s get this right… These religionuts say that a child must have a male and female parental unit as role models to bring them up.

Fine…. Let’s take a look at what is acceptable.
(I’m sure I have missed several examples, but I think you’ll get the picture…)

A straight man and woman.
A homosexual man and homosexual woman.
A bisexual woman and bisexual man.
A homosexual man and a straight woman.
A homosexual woman and a straight man.
A bisexual man and a homosexual woman.
A bisexual woman and a homosexual man.
A hermaphrodite.
Fred & Rosemary West.
Pre-op transgenderist….?

Straight single parent.
Homosexual single parent.
Bisexual single parent.
A straight same sex couple.
A homosexual same sex couple.
A bisexual same sex couple.
The Pope.
Mother Theresa.

So, the Pope, Mother Theresa, Jesus and God are BAD parents…. But Fred and Rosemary West are GREAT!

Let’s hear a round of applause for the religionuts!




I’d say it was planned… which would make me look clever… but it was as planned as much as God’s Great Ineffable Plan is planned…. so no… not planned at all…

The original pun.


Killing in the Name


Yeah, this old one…Religion… so peaceful.

Without religion, how would you atheists have any moral guidance? … oh piss off…. We do very well….


Let’s take a look at a very brief grab of Google. No time spent looking… Still, It came up with results…. but that was obvious.

Feel free to Google more…. There are loads of individual moments of madness before we even touch on the religious wars and wiping out of entire races as pushed by the Bible…

Yeah… ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ actually only meant you should not kill members of your own race…. but spilling your neighboring tribes blood, then taking and raping their women folk, well that’s just fine.

Read a book.

No, not that one.



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Pixie Dustin’


Steve has been a supporter of God and Son pretty much from the start, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him, and wish him a happy birthday…. after all, as the imagination of God says….”At least he’s real…..”

Steve on Twitter. Worth a follow for sure.


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