God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Be More Christian

on June 3, 2012


Read your bible. This sort of thing fills it.

Races wiped out, family members sacrifice, cities destroyed…. all for the tiniest things that might have upset god.

Really, how can people say you must believe in god, or you have nothing to guide your morals?

The evils carried out in the name of various deities only prove that ‘godless’ people have better morals! Humanist over religious every time.

Pop quiz: You take in a male student lodger. A group of drunken thugs call on you and demand that you send the guy out so that they can rape him.

Do you:
A: Tell them to go away, and defend your home if they get aggravated?
B: Offer your young virgin daughter to them to rape and have their way with, as it’s not immoral – after all, she’s a virgin & a lowly female. Don’t worry though, she’ll be left dead on your doorstep so you can step over her and go to work the next morning. Women eh?

Now guess which is the NEW TESTAMENT answer.

Now tell me that I need a god to set my morals.


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