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Gay Parents are BAD?!

on June 24, 2012


So same sex parents are bad for a child?
Okay, this is just more religious bullshit…

Let’s get this right… These religionuts say that a child must have a male and female parental unit as role models to bring them up.

Fine…. Let’s take a look at what is acceptable.
(I’m sure I have missed several examples, but I think you’ll get the picture…)

A straight man and woman.
A homosexual man and homosexual woman.
A bisexual woman and bisexual man.
A homosexual man and a straight woman.
A homosexual woman and a straight man.
A bisexual man and a homosexual woman.
A bisexual woman and a homosexual man.
A hermaphrodite.
Fred & Rosemary West.
Pre-op transgenderist….?

Straight single parent.
Homosexual single parent.
Bisexual single parent.
A straight same sex couple.
A homosexual same sex couple.
A bisexual same sex couple.
The Pope.
Mother Theresa.

So, the Pope, Mother Theresa, Jesus and God are BAD parents…. But Fred and Rosemary West are GREAT!

Let’s hear a round of applause for the religionuts!


5 responses to “Gay Parents are BAD?!

  1. […] of Parents Are Bad…June 27, 2012 By Hemant Mehta Leave a CommentLucas Black also summarizes which parents are ideal and which are bad in the eyes of conservative Christians:GOOD: A straight man and woman. A homosexual man and […]

  2. Steve says:

    >”Pre-op transvestite”

    Careful there

    • LB says:

      Hence the ‘?’…

      • Steve says:

        Transvestism means cross-dressing. The term often has the connotations of a fetish, but that’s not necessarily the case. What you mean is transgenderism. Calling a transwoman a transvestite is considered very insulting.

        If you’re unsure about the terms, they’re quick to look up 🙂

        • LB says:


          It’s a subject you need a little knowledge on to be able to search for what you want. I don’t much about it (it doesn’t worry me what people do, it only worries me that other people try & stop those people).

          I will (or have) corrected the cartoon – and I thank you!

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