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Smokin’ Fools?

on July 20, 2012


Well, I think it makes a good question…

We all suffer from passive smoking & religion…. Is one worse than the other?

I’m not judging… unless your belief/smoking affects my family or friends….

….Like dictating to people who they can and can’t marry… Or stopping people going to certain jobs and schools… Or bullying/killing others to get your point across because they have different views… Helping to kill or make others sick because you want to smoke… Taking up hospital beds due to self inflicted smoking related illnesses… Taking up hospital beds due to not taking the correct medical action due to religious beliefs…

Just a point to ponder…

Anyway…. The answer TOMORROW!!!!


4 responses to “Smokin’ Fools?

  1. Reed Braden says:

    Have you ever thought that people who smoke probably have reasons for doing it? It’s not self-hate or slow suicide any more than it’s self-hate or slow suicide when drinkers drink. Do you drink? If so, is it really any different? I’d rather everyone around me smell like cigarette smoke than stumbling around loud and drunk. Smoking doesn’t impair my ability to drive or hold a decent conversation. Drinking does.

    I’ve had a tough life at the hands of religionist antagonists, I suffer from depression as a result, and I have an undue amount of stress for my age and lifestyle. I smoke for good personal reasons and, having knowledgeably weighed my options, I still smoke. I don’t smoke in the presence of people who are averse to it and I always ask those around me if they mind before I light up. I smoke and I am most certainly not an idiot. So fuck you.

    • LB says:

      I used to smoke. People have their views and fair play.

      I think you missed the point a little (or I wasn’t clear, for which I apologise).

      You made the choice & you accept/respect the views of those around before you light up. You don’t go knocking door to door blowing cigar smoke into the faces of non-smokers.

      I don’t drink (I used to). My diet is not perfect & I don’t exercise as much as I should. I drink too much coffee… All preferences I KNOW can harm me (like your smoking).

      My point (I hoped) was simply : How can *WE* criticise sky pixie believers who know no better, when *WE* know better, but keep doing what *WE* do.

      The answer is: We make our choice based on tangible FACT…. not mythical fairy tales….

      I hope that at least warrants the removal of the fuck off….

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