God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Smokin’ Thinkers…

on July 21, 2012


I used to smoke. It’s not a great habit even if you enjoy it. There is no way to defend that it is bad for you…. BUT there is the point in case. People have the facts to base their choices on.

Religion… The sky pixie… It’s all rubbish, no fact… People blindly follow, making their choice based on fairy tales and peer pressure.

For once, the educated choice, rightly or wrongly, wins out, as it is an EDUCATED choice

4 responses to “Smokin’ Thinkers…

  1. Very true that one. Personally prefer smokers as some have manners…..

  2. dan says:

    Plus smoking makes you look cool, can’t say that about god bothering.

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