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Thank the Rapist!

on July 22, 2012


Yup… I went there.

It’s true… God knows everything… God runs everything… God plans everything…

So the kid suffering from cancer… ALL Gods doing… yet people get all “Thank God” over the kid surviving…

So, why would it be different for a murderer who decides to let the victim go after beating the living crap out of them? They caused the pain, but they then let them live….. Just like God….

*Note: No, I wouldn’t praise the rapist. I wouldn’t praise the fictitious sky pixie either.

One is apparently a sick murderous bastard who gets their kicks out of torturing & killing people, and the other is a low life child molesting shit.


7 responses to “Thank the Rapist!

  1. Ron Tennant says:

    Our souls are damed to eternal torment for not believing that an all knowing all forgiving deity exists. Seems a little medieval / warped concept. Also did ancient homonids have souls? If not when did souls appear? !!! O dear I just can’t Adam & Eve it.

  2. lightenup says:

    I call the religious god an abusive father figure. You take it a giant glorious step further into the realm of the believable, with this. You might like my ham sandwich post.

  3. No, no, no, see it’s the Devil (say it in a southern America accent, it sounds better – “day-vil”) The devil causes all the disease and war and such. That way god is off the hook for the bad stuff.

    • LB says:

      I know it’s the standard response… but that begs the question….

      “Are you saying that the Devil is able to outsmart & out manoeuvre God?”

      If I were to believe (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … no, really), I’d go with the Devil. God has (and will) slaughtered millions… The Devil – 11.

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