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Bend Over Backwards for God

on August 13, 2012


Well, it’s such an obvious comparison, and very much in the public eye, what with the Olympic games drawing to an end.


No choice, and in both cases the kids fear to defy those in charge.

The big difference… One group do it to indoctrinate kids into religious cults (all religious groups are cults) for the worship of a mythical cloud sitting sky pixie, who offers them some make believe eternal life after death…. and the other group do it for the ‘greatness’ of their country, to show how they are better & stronger than anyone else.

Basically the Chinese tortuous treatment of kids for the greatness of China is more tangible and fact based that the treatment of kids in religion…

Yup… All those religious people looking at the images of crying toddlers & kids in China, and thinking how horrible it is…. Well, you’re below that.


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