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They Mayan’t be Right

on August 15, 2012

All the fear & talk of a Mayan predicted end of times, can be debunked in a few ways.

Q: Why did the Mayan people end the calendar when they did?

A: They had to end it somewhere!

Maybe the writer became bored, or died… or ran out of paper, or just figured it was a good point to stop.

If I asked you to write a calendar, where would you stop? You wouldn’t just keep writing it… It means nothing!

The other big debunk on the Mayan ability to predict the future can be summed up in one word…



Actually, who’s to say that the calendar writer wasn’t killed by an invading Spaniard just as he was writing out ” 21 December 2012…..” (or at least the Mayan version of that date…).

Good point… The Mayan date which falls on 21st December 2012 was written as Now that’s a good figure to end on. A nice round figure. Why go on to seems a good a place as any to stop writing. If you had to write a huge list of numbers, then you’d probably want to end at something like 10,000…. and not 9,978 or 10,001.. It’s just tidier that way.

One response to “They Mayan’t be Right

  1. docrotwang says:

    Ummm…I don’t think that they ended it so much as they marked the end of a cycle. The Gregorian calendar does the same thing on December 31st and every other time a unit of timekeeping is completed. I could be wrong, but I think that the ‘end’ that’s coming up is that and no more.

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