God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Stage School

on August 21, 2012


I hear lots of people complain & protest about children being forced into beauty pageants, acting & dance classes, music and sports (for starters). Sure it’s great to take kids along & let them see & try things out, but that’s a whole lot different from living vicariously through the kids yourself.

Lots of these kids either fail to have a life, or get forced into the mainstream too fast & end up burnt out wrecks. The most prominent cases that show these extremes are child actors who are then seen to self destruct in a drug and alcohol induced spiral. Too much too soon.

Ironically though, are those who protest about others putting their kids through this hellish grind… yet go out and get their kids baptised, christened or put through any other religious indoctrination.

Why not wait for them to make their minds up, instead of forcing YOUR (incorrect & unsubstantiated) beliefs on them, to the point where the kids know no other way?!?

Bad parenting isn’t just letting a child sit in its own filth & smacking it for crying. Bad parenting is forcing your child into things that they may well have chosen not to do… If it wasn’t for the fear that the parent put in them.

Teaching isn’t forcing. Forcing isn’t teaching.

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