God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Why Religion Prospers


There’s one born of a virgin birth every minute…

A simple Google of “stupid product warnings” will prove the point…


It’s true that not all believers are idiot grade stupid, but nonetheless, once crowd stupidity grabs them, it’s hard to see the wood from the trees…

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Do You Copy?

Christianity isn’t made up.

Yup… Bet you never thought I’d say that….

It’s true though. It isn’t made up.

The Church didn’t think enough of you to even bother with something original… Oh no, they stole Christianity’s ideas from many older religions, because you aren’t worth the effort.


Here’s another blog that points some bits out.

Here’s a cartoon someone wrote, that covers some key crossovers:


Yes, it’s a cartoon, but just like G&S, it contains facts. Go Google.


Throw away the key

Make sure you use a proper lock, and not a rollable stone.

Learn by your mistakes….


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Ooooh, a three way…

… Or a four way, if you consider the trinity…

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Police, Bible, ACTION!

You’re Saint NICKED!


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Chuck Nuthin’


Osama bin Laden loved kittens and autumn walks with his mum*, but that doesn’t make up for him being a terrorist bastard…

*Maybe, but you get the idea….

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Holy Smoke

It’s true though…


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Power of Love

“I believe in myself more than I believe in a god” ~ Hendrix


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Standard Operating Procedure


It’s true! I ran out of hours last night & realised I needed to write a God & Son.

Luckily religion is such a ripe area for ridicule, it took less time to come up with a cartoon than it takes a religious nut case to blow up a public building in the name of whatever stupid fictitious deity they believe in.

Yeah, I went there. Religion has a lot to answer for.

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Holy G-Spot

Today we look into God’s anus.

For a God who thinks things like gayness & buggery are a sin, you have to wonder about his design work…


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