God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Happy Halloween!




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Got Wind?

I hope everyone rides Hurricane Sandy out safely…

… and I hope you all took proper precautions.*

As a Godless Atheist I do actually care, and I do feel for those hit by this storm.
I even feel bad for the idiots who thought god would help.


* HINT: Praying isn’t a proper precaution.

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Nailed it!

No, not an original joke… It’s done the rounds more times than Mary on two beers for a goose night at a Sodom Inn, but this time it has added CLASS!

Yes, it’s a Chris Woods artwork, lovingly scrawled over at God and Son…

But wait! I hear you say… Is that the same Chris Woods of SANDSTORM fame?!?!?

Yup, and he gave me permission to devalue his art in the name of atheist humour… or something.


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Jesusween… FFS…

No, really… Jesusween (or apparently Jesuswin)… What a bunch of grabby weak crap!



WINE!!! One for the ladies…

The Emperor’s Ferrero Rocher?


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Keep It Simple, Stupid…

The choices:

A child who was also a ghost and his own dad, was born of a virgin earth woman and a giant floating murderous egocentric sociopathic sky pixie (who as mentioned, was also the child himself), and was granted special magic powers that allowed him to walk on water. Once.


It didn’t happen.

Obviously the first choice, because the second one is RIDICULOUS!!!



Pro-life? Pro-cancer…?

Just to make myself crystal clear: Fuck Cancer.


Women have the right to chose to terminate, and bollocks is it against the fictitious ego-manic sociopathic cloud gnomes will. The Catholic papal doctrine states that the Pope, if he’s not too busy not being a Nazi, and not too busy protecting child molesting priests, can create a decree that held true on earth, will be held true in heaven… (The mythical fairy land that kids and imbeciles are taught to believe in and then threatened with not being able to go to when they die, if they don’t throw stones at homosexuals and harass non-believers etc… ).

Yes, I’ve said it before. The bible isn’t blocking gay marriage or abortion or woman’s rights… no, the Catholic Church is… headed by the self defeating papal prick.

Arseholes the lot of them.

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You Spin Me Right Round

I know you are, but what am I….


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Mental Challenge


There are always sides when the next big thing strikes… and then those sides last forever… Cartoons, technology, car makes, fast food outlets! … Even in the same group… Old Star Trek… New Star Trek… Is it any wonder that the fiction that is religion has caused so many wars?


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In 2001 Jedi became recognised in the UK as a religion. It was recorded so many times in the national census that it made its mark.

True, a religion written into the census is not ‘official‘… so that being said, and keeping with the ‘official‘ view… Christianity, Judaism, Islam… also not official…

Anyway, Jedi being used as a religion is a great way to show that a fictional story (Star Wars) has, in several years, gained a following of fans so great, that it has a religion formed around it.

Give it time, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the Jedi Religion history may become blurred and the religion becomes as fixed as Christianity… People will argue that Star Wars was written as an analogy of Jedi faith, and that it came before the movies… and so it would build up, until it becomes believed as a factual, real thing….

Pretty much how I imagine Christianity and all other religions started out…

Anyway, a break from the norm… and as Chris Woods has been kind enough to let me use his work in various G&S cartoons, I’d like to bring your attention to his new project – SANDSTORM – and I hope that you can help him fund it.

This isn’t money to support a church roof or to line the Pope’s pocket, or to fight against dirty gays ruining nice white Christian morals… this is for Chris… This is so he can move up to the next level, and the reason I’m behind this particular exhibit is because it shows how a little story has become so very important in peoples lives… and yet this one we know is fictional…. for now… until history twists and turns and the truth gets lost in time… and people will talk of those wars of past as if they were true.

If a fictional movie has grown this much of a following in such a short time, maybe people will see, with the help of SANDSTORM, how the whole religion thing has the same roots… the same Chinese whispers… and finally a few people may start questioning the sanity…

So please, show your support and help raise the Chris Woods roof!!!



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