God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Jesus Meat!

I’ve cracked the pork hate mystery!


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Stone the Crows


We have rescued a sick & injured crow (now named Gregory Peck).
Atheists… Not a word from any God to provoke this. We did it because it’s how we are. We needed no moral guidance from a biblical book of crap.

In fact, the crow/raven (depending on translation & version… THERE’S a surprise… Inconsistency in the bible) is mentioned in Job 38:41…

“Ravens, Having mentioned the noblest of brute creatures, he (God) now mentions one of the most contemptible; to shew the care of God’s providence over all creatures, both great and small. Their young ones are so soon forsaken by their dams, that if God did not provide for them in a more than ordinary manner, they would be starved to death. And will he that provides for the young ravens, fail to provide for his own children.”

Sooo… Job goes on about how GOD cares for the young crow/raven when pushed from the nest by uncaring parents. This ominous carrion bird, a lowly bird… yet still loved by God…

Bullshit… Trying to make a point that in Gods eyes, ravens/crows are a hateful and detestable creature (why did he create them then?)… God supposedly created everything, so God would’ve created these birds KNOWING they’d do this to their young. God created them as bad parents.

He also created gays, rapists, murderers, duck billed Platypus (proving god is twisted)… and many ‘filthy’ animals that are unholy, and listed in the bible…

That’s not god showing his love, that’s god showing how messed up he is… OR the bible writers screwing up the story they were making up by not following the thought process all the way through… thus proving once more that god is either thick as pig crap, or totally fabricated by the ignorant, for the even more ignorant…


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Jesus Christ!!!

It’s true though…

The only thing about it…


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Bird Poop



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I Need a Hero

Shooting his sticky mess all over the place…


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Too Soon?

Ho Ho oh…


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Pope’ll Fix It For You

Your prayer, it’s only the start of it,
You’re now the Pope, and now you’re a part of it.
Molesting kids, in the name of a Jew Ew Ew…


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It had to happen

Damned Ghostbusters…


Ah heck, whilst I’m at it… and just because I’ve found a new app… and I suppose to some kids, he was a god… of sorts…


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The Christian way is to persecute, torture & kill your child…
…and this is a good thing?

Bullying: It’s a serious matter – CHILDLINE LINK.


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Two fish.

One with a fork.

Called Brian.


Doesn’t make sense, does it?

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