God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Withnail and Thee

Stubbed toe in the middle of the night on a bathroom visit?

God did it.



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Design Fault

The human body contains biological remnants of bits that we, the modern human, no longer require… So…

There are two options…

1: We evolved.

2: God is a haphazard, unskilled fat cloud sitting sociopathic beardy weirdo, who made man with such a poor design as to have extra un-required bits & pieces built in. Bits that other lower life forms still use… And yet we were made in this *perfect* gods image… So perfect that god has bits that don’t do anything… Soooo, not really perfect… Which means man was created by an imperfect god in a perfect way… or an imperfect god in an imperfect way… It couldn’t be a perfect god in any case, as we (and therefore, god) have those spare parts, which a perfect image of god wouldn’t have…

Must be the second option though, because the first option of this wishy-washy ‘evolution’ is just stupid!


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Easy 1st World Pickings..

You don’t have to be religious to have a “God, WHY?!?!” Day…


I’m sure some atheists do the call to god during orgasm…

… Or the “For god’s sake shit and bastard!!” toe stubbing dance…

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It’s in the editing…

Every change to suit the current leaders…


Us, us, us…. Poor excited Jesus….

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Died for our Sins… So…


Pass the heroin, I’ve got a bank job to do and a hooker to strangle, and I’m not doing it straight. Jesus would’ve wanted it this way… You know, make his sacrifice worthwhile…




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Back to Back to Normal

Let’s try again with the cartoon that failed to upload the other day….


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Floods of Complaints

As England suffers flooding, the age old phrase is muttered… “Why God? WHY?!?”

And the response is “The name you have uttered has not been recognised. Please hang up and try something real…



Normal is Overrated…

It would appear that there is a problem with the WordPress app today, and the cartoon failed to upload.

Have this instead…


Sort it out, or I release the Bronycorn.

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Dog and Son


No one is immune to puppies & kittens.


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Tarantino G&S


I’ve never understood the old question… when you are troubled or going through hard times…

Oh dear, I appear to have burnt my breakfast toast… What would Jesus do?

He’d get betrayed, get nailed to a cross, forced to wear a thorny crown that cuts into his head, get stabbed in the side & then left for dead in a cave… and you still have have burnt toast…

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