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Seven not so Deadly Sins

on November 15, 2012

When was the last time you saw those proud American Christians form a protest march and argue against fat, lazy people?

No, really? Stop laughing…

No shouts from the religious groups to burn the fast food houses of sin!

No protests in front of gyms, where those movie star looks are honed, buffed & chiseled… No screams for plastic surgeons to be burnt or stoned…

Which is odd, as these are listed as some of the seven deadly (major) sins… Yet no one argued against fat, lazy, proud Americans when the election was on… No religious rallying to ban McDonalds or KFC in the more religious states… Nope, just that gay agenda… Not even a major sin.

It’s not just the Americans of course, although 74.6% of them are overweight, and around 80% worship God… So I guess sloth & gluttony aren’t in the American bible… but as I said, it’s not just the Americans. The British, French, Chinese, French, Italians, French, Africans, oh sod it, you name it …. they all have problems… unless you go to Northern Europe & the Scandinavian areas. Much less religion (and some of the healthiest people in the world…)

Look at those proud Ugandans, who now, at the very least, can jail someone for life for being homosexual… and worse still… If you are a Ugandan in another country, you can be extradited to Uganda if you are straight and only know a gay. If you are seen being a bit gay in public, then the sentence is a bit tougher. You will be killed. It’s the law.

And yet… The wrath, the pride that fuels these highly religious Christian law makers, is a far bigger sin than kissing someone of the same sex…

What a bunch of homophobic, hide behind the bible, uneducated morons.

Lets face it… Santa is a fatty… He likes to knock back the mince pies… So if you want to go to heaven, I suggest you stone that false idol, red suit wearing, fatty pie muncher to death. It’s the Christian way.



3 responses to “Seven not so Deadly Sins

  1. Dunx says:

    I think this an excellent point about the hypocrisy, although in fairness most of the rage-filled homophobic Christians here are Protestants and so might not be up on Catholic lists of sins.

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