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It’s my period

on December 20, 2012

A very small section of science quite succinctly demonstrates my views on science over god.

I have stated that religion has been used, and still is used, as a gap filler where we have no physical evidence of why things happen.

In years gone by many things that we take for granted due to scientific investigation and hard data analysis, were once attributed to a gods.

Since science began, it has found that there are a strict set of rules governing the universe… A universal picture of how stuff works, and why.

Science then pieced together, like a jigsaw, how the universe, biology etc works (or was likely to work, with a few grey areas). Trouble is, science had lots of bits missing, but it new by the rules where the gaps were, and what bit should fit them (even though it didn’t have the bit).

As science progresses, it discovers more bits of the puzzle, and wow! Those early scientists were right when they calculated, using physics etc, what the piece would be.

Lots of bits are missing, but science has given us a very good idea of what the picture on the jigsaw box is meant to be, and is slowly making the picture properly.

Religion just says ‘Trust me, it’s a forest scene with a squirrel, you don’t need to see the picture‘.


Way back in history the four things that were considered to be ‘elements’, earth, wind, water, fire, were aligned to gods… before the scientists debunked these elements and proved beyond doubt that this isn’t how things work.

In fact, for me, the periodic table is that micro section of science that demonstrates how science is able to ‘see‘ things that are yet to be discovered via interpolation & extrapolation of data.

Back in 1869 Dmitri Mendeleev assembled the first periodic table (chart) of 65 known elements. This is the table of solid, liquid and gaseous base elements, such as oxygen, gold, iron, hydrogen… but not water or air or other things made from several of the elements combined. This table was riddled with gaps, yet Mendeleev knew that due to the very physics of the universe, that eventually other elements would fill… MUST fill… the gaps. Well over 100 elements have now been discovered, with more to come. I won’t put the actual number, as more will be added as science progresses, because that’s what happens in reality – things get discovered and we move on. Suggesting that everything is fixed and needs no alteration is the realm of fairy tales and religious scripture.


Just because man hadn’t found them, or even knew how to look for them, the known data said they must be there.

As the years rolled by, more elements have been discovered, perfectly filling the criteria required to fill the gaps, and more will be discovered.

What science doesn’t know, can be calculated, estimated, theorised extrapolated, interpolated, from the universal rules. Day in and day out these unknowns are discovered, and they fill the gaps as predicted.

TABLE OF DISCOVERY OF ELEMENTS : FROM WIKIPEDIA (and also verifiable from a multitude of other sources)


I am fully aware that I don’t know everything. I am also fully aware that there is a lot of stuff that I don’t know that I don’t know. I’m also perfectly happy knowing that I couldn’t possibly even start to imagine some of the things I don’t know that I don’t know… BUT… I know that through history, science has theorised the gaps, found potential things to fill the gaps, tested those things to make sure they really do fill the gaps, and then filled that gap with them… AND it doesn’t stop there. Science willingly puts itself up for question and debate to test the theories and universal rules it has discovered.

Religion just requires blind faith, as there is yet to be one solid fact demonstrated to me to show that a god exists.


You do realise don’t you, that a sunrise over snow capped mountains, can be a beautiful thing just because… and not need a god to assign that sight to?

Sure, you may say ‘explain why so and so is this and that’ and I won’t have an answer, but I won’t go running to god due to this. Just because I personally can’t answer a question, or some top physicist is sat at CERN scratching their head over an answer, DOESN’T mean that the answer is god. What it does mean though, based on the history of the sciences, is that an answer could be found one day, through science.

Leonardo Da Vinci designed flying machines that would never work because he didn’t have the right materials to use at the time, but he knew that one day his calculations and designs would lead to manned flight. Just because HE didn’t know the answer, or have all the right gear, didn’t stop him. He KNEW the gaps existed, and he KNEW through science, that it was only a mater of time until those gaps would be filled… and by man, not god.

We just aren’t smart enough yet. And with that thought, here’s Dr Neil DeGrasse:


6 responses to “It’s my period

  1. Kevin Keegan says:

    I am fully behind you on the errors a ‘god of the gaps’ theory, but did anyone ever believe it?
    The reality is sciance and faith in a creative being are not seperate. Just look through the history of science, It is filled with people wanting to dicover more of and document creation and thus worshiping God.
    Religion is crap and is the creation of mankind. Yes the ‘church’ has at time tried to supress scientific study, but it has also endorsed it. If those organisations followed the bible, and not a desire to control people, everyone is happy. Jesus didn’t much like the ‘religious’ people he found (I am not sure if his sandle wearing makes him a hippie though and why we are discriminating against ‘hippies’?).
    My point: nothing that has been discovered by scientists, whatever their faith, that has disproved the bible. In fact my very limited studies have only deepened my faith. The gap that something might be discovered? Why would God encourage us to search if He had something to hide? I am not afraid.
    Faith in God and studying the sciences are not mutually exclusive.

    • LB says:

      Take religion out of life right now, and life will carry on as normal.

      Remove science and we’re in the dark ages.

    • Xyalon says:

      I’m pretty sure that the discovery of the Fossil Record disproves a lot of Genesis.

      Unless, of course, you want to go out on a limb and say that the Fossils were actually made to be millions of years old and put there to test our faith. And in that were actually the case, what sort of sadistic deity would put down something to test the faith of people and then apparently punish them for believing in what they saw with their own eyes? Or is the deity just so damned paranoid that they have to test the faith all the time to make sure it’s actually real.

      Nothing has been discovered by scientists that has disproved the existence of any of the pantheon of deities that preceded the one you believe in. By your reasoning, then, should they not be given just as much credence?

      Faith in God and studying the sciences are not mutually exclusive, no. However denying evidence out of hand because it contradicts with your beliefs is mutually exclusive with science.

  2. Daedalus says:

    There’s a lot of things I don’t know either. And I’m not saying it’s aliens, but…

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