God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.


on January 5, 2013

Dedicated to yesterday’s commenters.

Inspired by, even…


3 responses to “I’m AMAZING!!!

  1. Ron Tennant says:

    The dichotomy of love thy neighbor/ turn the other cheek, and smite your enemy. Was the point of realization at a very young age that religion held nothing for me.

    • LB says:

      For me it was that religion never gave me factual answers to anything, just glib analogous passages that could be interpreted anyway people wanted.

      Science gave me answers, and where it had no answer, it had theories & was investigating, researching and sourcing answers… And not making up mythical babble to cover its lack of knowledge.

  2. lightenup says:

    For me, the last straw was when I realized one of my children would spend eternity in torment for the things she was doing. Till that point, it was “evil doers” that were consigned to hell. When it became my own flesh and blood, I took a closer look at things and told their god-bastard to fuck off.

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