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100,000 Hits! This calls for a special cartoon…

on January 11, 2013

Just gone 11pm and I noticed that God and Son broke through the 100,000 hits mark today.

100,000 hits on the page since it started in Easter 2012.

As thanks for all of your support I thought I should put out a special cartoon…

… but it’s late, I’m tired and frankly those two things usually lead to some comment about needing to do something quick and easy… and that generally leads to God making a comment about Mary…

I’ll try to keep it classy this time…


I tried.

Here’s to 250,000! The big quarter million!!!

Thank you!



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5 responses to “100,000 Hits! This calls for a special cartoon…

  1. Ron Tennant says:

    Congratulations, And you’ve invented a new sin ( autoerotique stgmata abuse) :O

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