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Forgotten Genocide

on February 10, 2013


Over 10,000,000 murdered.

All I can say is thank God for The Bible & the Ten Commandments.

Just imagine how many more that King Leopold II would have killed without the moral code laid out by God…

Mind you, I’m pretty sure it says ‘Thou Shall Not Kill‘ and not ‘Thou Shall Not Kill More Than Ten Million People In Barbaric Genocide‘.

Most people know about WW2 and the Jewish genocide. It’s talked about in such a way that you may be lead to believe that it was the greatest genocide of all time. It was horrific, with persecution, rapes, murders, concentration (‘death’) camps… Over 6 million killed. The name of ‘Hitler’ is synonymous with these mass murders…

…and yet King Leopold II of Belgium turned the Congo into a country wide concentration camp, mutilating & killing those that failed to live up to his expectations. Numbers killed start from over 10 million, to an estimated 20 million. Not many people know about this Roman Catholic monster from around the early 20th century, and yet the turmoil from his actions is still causing repercussions, with ongoing wars in the area & more genocidal deaths – over 6 million more since the 1990’s…

The true terror of this Roman Catholic monarch’s deeds are still being felt today.

King Leopold’s Legacy

Jesus would be proud.



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