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Pope Benedict the Untouchable

on February 18, 2013


Some think it’s just a ‘social media’ scam story, but it isn’t.

The Pope gets immunity from criminal charges.

Even before he was Pope, the old fucker was covering up the indiscretions of the Catholic Church. When he became the head of this religious group, he carried on covering it up. Child molestation was whitewashed & politically hidden. He had the power & position to do something, but he didn’t. Nope, he just carried on covering these crimes up, and committing more with his spread of hatred towards gays & their human rights.

It is a shame in cases like this, that heaven & hell don’t exist, because he deserves to burn for eternity. But no… He’ll live until his dying day, in the riches & comfort of the Vatican.

Who will stand up against the Holy See? It’s very doubtful that the followers will protest.

Compare this to cases in the press recently about famous people in child molestation cases from the 1970’s and 80’s. These people have been found guilty, and action has, or is being taken against them. The Pope though, he gets to live in immunity like a war lord or Nazi war criminal.

Fuck religion.



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2 responses to “Pope Benedict the Untouchable

  1. Chakolate says:

    It’s always been my contention that Bennie blackmailed his way onto the throne – he’d been in charge of the pedophiles, and he knew where the bodies were buried. I’ll bet he made a deal that he’d step down if they’d give him cover, too.

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