God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Fate of God

on March 26, 2013

Everything is explainable if you actually bother researching.

Religion is just the lazy way out.


…son has been ill,
Kids get ill. Kids go to school & sick kids happen. Bugs spread, and resistance is lowered in cold weather.
he was snowed in,
Ah, there’s that cold weather. Nothing meteorology can’t explain. It happens.
his car broke down,
My current job is quite close to home, so I either walk or drive. If I drive it’s not far enough to recuperate the battery used for starting the engine, and if I walk & leave the car, the battery slowly loses charge. So, the battery is suffering, and the weather is sub zero… Which is really tough on batteries & cars, without even having a dying battery in the first place.
he had flu &
I’ve been putting a lot of hours in at work. I’m pretty tired, and what with that cold weather, I’m less resistant to any bugs… Like the one brought home by my son from school.
one of his pets died…
Old pets die.

But it all happened at the same time?!?!

Fate? Bad luck? Act of God? Nope. If the above doesn’t explain it, then you’re already too far sucked into the religious fuckwittery to be saved.

Probability, science, mathematical chance. It’s not magic.

When someone wins the lottery, it’s 1 in 14,000,000 probability. It’s not an impossibility.

When a coin is flipped & lands on ‘heads’, does it mean next time will be tails? Of course not… But to some people, if it does it 10 times in a row it becomes fantastical! A miracle! 100 times… 1000 times… All probable, albeit less likely, there’s no reason it couldn’t happen.

Just because its hard to understand, doesn’t mean God is the answer.



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4 responses to “Fate of God

  1. PPound says:

    Why should anything exist at all? If nothing AT ALL existed, would space exist? DNA seems to have a purpose within the scheme of things, ie to survive. Can explaining things within the scheme of things (science?) ever explain why there should be any scheme, or any things? God is simply not the answer, just a by-product, but also a very dangerous distraction. It’s quite arrogant to think you know the answers. Deluded, but some people can’t cope with uncertainty.

  2. Ron Tennant says:

    It would be a little bit egocentric to think an all powerfully being was picking on you , wouldn’t it?

    • LB says:

      Also stupid.

      Wooooo!!! I’m so important, my poorly developed mind thinks that an imaginary being is punishing me for my free thinking!

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