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Knee Jerks.

on April 21, 2013


Well there you go. I called it. Those that know me know that I said it wasn’t the M.O of one of the known terrorist organisations from the very start, and it was an individual loner or small group.

Being a highly religious Christian country, America will no doubt treat the Boston Bombers as the a bible dictates. They will not judge, but they will let God judge. After all, humans judging people is against God’s will… “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” (Luke 6:37)

Although in a common biblical contradiction (shock!)… If you do judge… “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” (John 7:24)

So there you go… American Christians will be balanced & sensible, and if they do judge, they will not judge by the colour of someone’s skin, or their religion… Not like those hateful dirty Muslims…

But no…

Just think of all the ‘Middle Eastern‘ looking men that have had abuse, both physical and verbal, from people in America over the Boston bombing, only to find out that their knee jerk reaction to blame ‘rag heads‘ was wide of the mark.

Still, those ‘rag heads‘ in America… They’re all guilty of something, eh America? They must be… So don’t feel too guilty about your incorrect profiling…

Yeah, I know it wasn’t all of you, just a few thousand hysteric ones calling for blood, but in a good way, not in the evil way of just two murderers.

You see Iraqi civilians screaming about America after a bomb blast or battle in their country that has killed or injured hundreds of civilians, and you (America) get all up in arms about their reactions and hateful comments… and yet you are no different. You too have blamed people, victimised people who had nothing to do with the bombing, just because of your fear, your hurt and your need to lash out in your moment of pain and blame the most obvious (to some ignorant vigilantes) ‘suspects’…

You may think I’m suggesting that the huge number of hysterical murderous ‘kill the rag heads, throw them out of America, kill them all‘ types is somewhat worse than the act of terrorism carried out by just two people.

You may think that I’m suggesting that the random photos posted around the social media sites of people that the public ‘thought‘ were involved, that lead to witch hunts of the innocent, and have quite possibly ruined peoples lives as those pictures will always be floating around the Internet forever labelling them as terrorist child killers, is in someway as bad, if not worse than the actual bombing, because these American accusers who caused this hurt to the innocent will never be reprimanded, and will do this again and again.

You may think that, but I couldn’t possible comment.

For those of you that may be upset by today’s cartoon & rant, here’s a gift from me to you.
Calm yourselves down with a lovely ‘Colour in Jesus‘ picture (Starting tip: He’s meant to have dark skin, although you might want to make him white, so as not to upset those lovely predominantly white American Christians).


I think it’s Jesus or it could be Rolf Harris.

Note: I am not in support of the attack on Boston, and neither am I in support of race hate spewing American (or wherever) ‘vigilantes‘.



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One response to “Knee Jerks.

  1. LB says:

    Reblogged this on Sometimespace and commented:

    The death of innocent bystanders is never, ever a good thing. So why do they compound this by baying for blood & going of on witch hunts? In the end they’ll hurt more people that the actual bombs.

    Do at least try to stay classy.

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