God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.


on May 1, 2013

The most important characters in the bible are Satan and Judas. Fact.


Without Judas, Jesus would not have been betrayed, and his ultimate (ha!) sacrifice wouldn’t have happened. A betrayer was needed. Then they tore the betrayer apart for betraying Jesus… Such a lovely way to repay someone for such a pivotal job.

Without Satan in Hell, then what has god… or rather… What has the church got to threaten us and keep us in our places? Yup… Nothing. To keep people from questioning you or going up against you, you must have a good deterrent… and that goes doubly so in a corrupt or power hungry situation.

Back when religion started, there had to be a bad guy to scare people towards the power hungry religious leaders… so the Devil was required.

Without Judas or Satan, the whole bible falls apart. That generally only happens in really poorly written story books, because the writers can’t think of a cleverer way to emphasise how good the good guy is, or how to make the good guy stand out.

It’s the same with fictitious superheroes. Without villains, there is no need for Superman or Batman… In fact without Superman or Batman, there wouldn’t be villains who kept threatening the human race just so they could get at Superman or Batman… Which puts a great twist on things…

Without the Devil, God is powerless…

BUT, and more importantly…

Without God, there would be no Devil… No nemesis…Everyone would be fine.


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