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Tricked Out

on May 2, 2013

Excuses, excuses…


Now, here’s the thing…

Many years ago I hung out with a band (Picasso/Wasp Factory). A great group of people quite fresh on the scene. They had friends in the various arts, so we all mingled and did our bit.

It was early enough on that some of these people were only just breaking into the bigger side of their arty business. All quite normal but artsy people, and one of, if not the happiest times of my early years.

They wrote a fanzine (The Sting) along with a couple of us outside of the band, including Eddie Izzard, Dominic Holland and me. Eddie wrote ‘Pants Cat‘ and I wrote ‘The God Letters‘. Eddies was about a cat in pants (and was obviously brilliant), and mine was about Stan Satan and how he was always being blamed for everything. My very first religious satire was a written text that became today’s ‘Tricked Out‘ cartoon.

So there’s a little history for you.


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