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Wheely Bad Luck

on May 7, 2013


Yeah… My car’s front wheel mount collapsed.

Had it been one of many other cars, this would have caused the wheel to tip and go under the car & spin me off of the road… and my wife & child with me.

Had I been going down twisty lanes at 50mph around a valley edge as I had been a few miles earlier, then you might have wondered why there was no cartoon today…

As it was, my old Audi has a suspension system that held the wheel in place when part of it failed… A catastrophe for many cars, but survivable in the old Audi.

As it was I was only a mile from home on a straight road with speed restrictions meaning at best I was accelerating up to 30mph when the Big Bang happened, I lost power, an almighty noise, steering became ‘interesting’ and I coasted to a stop in a lay by.


But how?!?!

The car has 189,000 miles on the clock. The day before it took a knock in a pot hole. It felt fine, so I wasn’t concerned. Everything WAS fine, but the knock had been sufficient to weaken the already old ball joint to the point where it was just going to fall out. The ball joint would’ve been warm due to the friction of the long drive, so wouldn’t have fallen out until it was cooler & reduced in size just enough to ‘pop’ out. Hence it happened within a mile of me leaving to go on a drive.

Sadly, nothing mystical at all.

Had I not driven around the valley edge on that twisty road, then I wouldn’t have hit the pot hole, and the wheel might never have fallen of. Mechanical things just happen that way, and it’s all perfectly explainable.

Things happen… It doesn’t have to be god, because there is no god. It’s not that difficult to understand.


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