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Dog Almighty!

on May 11, 2013



I don’t ask for much, because I know you’ll share my cartoons if you think they are worth it…

BUT… I would appreciate if you could click on this link & ‘like’ the photo of Rusty pup, the love of my 7 year old son.

It’d be wonderful to see his face light up if Rusty Pup succeeded in this!

She’s not a precious pretentious pampered handbag pup, she’s a real world pooch, but some people just see ‘German Shepherd’ and assume the worst, so in an incredibly tenuous link, she’s a lot like atheists… A lot of people have the completely the wrong idea!

German Shepherds have a bad name due to history and association with security/armed services, but they are bright, friendly idiots who love a tummy rub & attention (who doesn’t?).

A vote for Rusty is a vote for real dogs!!! (and tenuously, atheism!!!).

Vote HERE!

Hey, you can’t blame a dad for trying!

Fancy that… a caring atheist who isn’t going around worshipping the Devil & doing all that other stuff we are accused of…

Thank you all!

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow!


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