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On My Stere-ereo

on May 30, 2013

No one likes being stereotyped… and yet people still do it…

True, stereotypes came about because that’s what people thought of certain other groups of people. The thing is, some stereotypes for a nation are often based on just one famous person or event. From that day forth an entire nation could be tarred by the same brush.

I do actually know several people who bear at least a few stereotypical traits of their class, but a full blown stereotype will have the works. In England it is quite often the French who get the blunt end of the stick (likewise in France it’s the English), and this goes back hundreds of years, through invasions and wars. A friendly ribbing of a foe or someone who is different…

…but above it all, it is just stereotyping and not the real physical or mental make up of any one person or groups of person.

So next time you go to attack the entirety of Islam for a bombing, just remember that you are no more a stereotype of your group than a Muslim is of his or hers.



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3 responses to “On My Stere-ereo

  1. Ron Tennant says:

    Leather !!! Lederhosen ?

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