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on June 27, 2013

It’s all about interpretation.

The Bible is SO pro-gay it’s practically a musical.

Go read it… The pro-gay stance is just as blatantly obvious as a whole lot of the other BULLSHIT some Christians come up with based on the texts, so hey… Gay is good.

Jesus was himself a gay. He loved the cock. The New Testament is full of misinterpretable stories that could easily point to Jesus smoking the pink pole… or that Jesus was a space rocket…

Yeah, read it as you will… The bible is an evil tool used by idiots to try and enforce rules that THEY want enforcing. Well they can screw off. I’ll no more follow godly rules than I’ll abide by the Superheroes creed… It’s all fiction.

I’ll stick with the officiated laws of the country. You can keep your big book of bullshit.


DOMA Overruled.

I’ve said it before though… GAY MARRIAGE


There’s a thing going around the Internet that says:

I’m not gay ~ I just support gay marriage”

On one hand I think that’s great. It shows that straight people support the rights of same sex marriages…. but…. part of me thinks it doesn’t need to be said.

Yet another part of me sees it as “I’m not racist, but….” or “I’m not sexist, but….“

Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Whatever…. I support choice based on fact, not bigoted, archaic or religious based crap.

To anyone who wants to get married, who is married, who doesn’t want to get married…. I wish you all the best!

My wife thought it odd that I follow the LGBT on Facebook. Sure, why not? None of them are protesting against my straight marriage, so why not give some support back so they can enjoy whatever choices they make in the same way that I do?

I love being married & I love my family. I’d join the ‘Straight group’ IF I was the one being persecuted as a straight male, but I’m not being hounded for my choices of marrying someone of the opposite sex & having a child. I’d like to live where anyone could chose to be with the one they love.

Yes, I’m happily married & we have a son… and we aren’t normal – and I doubt any of you are either…

As you break down the mathematical norms, you begin to see that normal is hard to really pin point. You’d think normal would be a national average, but no….

You see, as we only have the one child… and the average ‘normal’ family has 1.9 children… then we fail to match that average family quota.

Even worse, as between us we have six legs and six arms (two of each for each of us…), we fall outside of the average family again. Quite a lot of people have a missing limb or two, or three… or four… but very few people have more than the two legs and two arms that we tend to think as ‘normal’… This means that the average person has less than two legs and less than two arms…

So, an average family, based on the population of the UK… Has 1.9 children and one of the family is missing part of a limb…. which would explain the 1.9 children I guess…

All in all, normal sucks. Who cares what the norm is, what averages say, what statistics point to?

Be happy, and if you can’t be happy, at least let others be happy without forcing your views on them.

Peace out!


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2 responses to “Interpretation

  1. Nick says:

    Not sure your analogy stands up, I think saying ‘I’m not gay, but I support gay marriage’ is more like ‘I’m not black but I want the KKK to be prosecuted and taken out of society’ or ‘I’m not a woman but I believe in pro-choice’. It’s about identifying the problem, even though it doesn’t directly affect you.

    • LB says:

      I know, it’s just when some people say it, it just sounds like a cop out for a follow up bigoted rant.

      The trouble is, is that the phrase is most generally associated to ‘I’m not xxx but yyy’ in a bad sense.

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