God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

God’s brilliant! Yeah???

on July 30, 2013

If God is soooo clever & powerful & wonderful etc, then how come people aren’t convinced?

People will buy any shit advertised on TV with a smile & a false promise of a better body, more money, easier lifestyle… and yet a lot of these same gullible morons can see straight through the bullshit that is religion…

If God can’t convince a person who thinks that a payday loan at 4,500% is a good idea, then God is dead in the water. Washed up. Useless.

Actually that’s a lie. As God doesn’t exist it is pretty hard for him to convince anyone of anything…



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It’s a BIG ASK time…

I’m part of a team raising money for CANCER RESEARCH. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always found that financially supported science has always come through when prayer ultimately fails. As such, I’d like to ask for you to donate or share this link…
… or even do both

Many thanks. It’s all greatly appreciated.



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