God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Faceless Gods

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Hod to be done


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It goes on…

GoT still goes on.

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Still here

He’s right though…

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Am I right?

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GandS meets GoT…

Worshipping and celebrating a fictional Syrian immigrant who was a Roman soldier who later became venerated as a Christian martyr, whose parents were from a Greek background (his father Gerontius was a Roman army official from Cappadocia and his mother Polychronia was a Christian from Lydda in the Roman province of Syria), who legend says killed a dragon in Beirut, and then was himself later killed for believing in an imaginary God, does not make you patriotic. 

It makes you sound like you should be locked in a padded cell.

Likewise; not worshipping said character doesn’t make you less patriotic. Be patriotic for what you have, what you are, and not because of a fictional character from a book.
What next?!? Burn the unpatriotic arse that doesn’t believe in Dr Who (also fictional, also defeated many monsters, also wasn’t English… and he’s died many times and come back again – that’s George AND Jesus)?

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The one with kittens and stuff…

A friend’s partner is running the marathon for the RSPCA, so here’s an incredibly rare request from me to you animal lovers to sponsor her. When I say animal lovers, I don’t mean like Mohammed and his favourite goat… 
My favourite animal is bacon, so I’m sponsoring her.
Think of all those cute kittens and puppies that will become filler for Ginsters Pasties if you don’t help ūüėČ
But seriously, it’s for the animals (No boring sick or starving kids here – They can get there own bacon this time).
Kittens! Puppies! Foals! Chicks! Ahhhhh…. PIGLETS!

A baby bacon, yesterday.

Now pay up, buttercup! (And thank you!).

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No… YOU shut up!

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But is it Art?

Pretty narrow audience appeal today…

You might just need to follow HORSETRACK HOOLIGANS podcast to find the answer to Chris Woods age old (few hours old) question…

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