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20130224-095308.jpgHELLO? Is this thing on? *tap tap*

I’m not religious… but before any of you religionauts get fighty…

Luke 6:37:

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

SO it begins.

I had so much positive feedback from a series of pictures I put out over Easter 2012, that I decided to put them in one place… and keep adding to them.

Even that lovely Stephen Fry liked one enough (this one) to share it on Twitter…. which lead to well over 16,000 site hits in one day…. Jesus never gained followers that quickly…

Personally, even though I’m an atheist (unless your belief causes suffering to others – which is most of the time – then I’m an atheist with anti-theist tendencies), I still somehow manage to get on with my fellow man and woman regardless of their race, religion or sexuality…. or hair colour.

I am all for peace & harmony, and have a healthy dose of empathy & understanding for those around me… and I’ve not needed the crutch of religion – although I have studied aspects of it. More people should study… and do it with an open mind.

It has been said that more people should read the bible, as this will drive more people towards atheism than anything else… It’s so full of crap that anyone who actually bothers to read it with an open mind, will walk away from religion and not look back…

Anyway, each of the 10,000 religions in the world claim that they are THE one true religion…

Luckily, as a non-believer I am down to one view…. Mind you, in the view of any one of those 10,000 religions, I am as bad as the 9,999 that obviously can’t be THE true religion. Of course all 10,000 of them all think they are THE one… It gets tricky….

Anyway, this is my blog, so don’t start with all the righteous hate talk over my views. I don’t go to your place of worship, or to your websites & have a go at your beliefs in your sanctuary, so I’d appreciate the same here.

NSFXtians & other assorted religionauts: If you find offence in religious humour, then back away now. I’m not forcing you to look, so don’t go all preachy on me. If you do read on & do take offence, then forgive me… Respect. Peace Out

If you find this site offensive, then reach into your religious goodwill and forgive me….

LB 16/04/12

Each to our own. Peace.



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