God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

No… YOU shut up!

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But is it Art?

Pretty narrow audience appeal today…

You might just need to follow HORSETRACK HOOLIGANS podcast to find the answer to Chris Woods age old (few hours old) question…

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Bum fun

If the old Norse Gods read this, I’ll be Loki to get away with it…

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5 more minutes…

In all seriousness, I reckon I’m correct about the squeaky button.

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Rise and shine

He took the ultimate sacrifice to resolve us from our sins.

Ultimate sacrifice? 2 days dead and then eternity in the promised land? 

That’s like going to a restaurant on Thursday for a meal with your mates, getting food poisoning and having to be rushed to hospital on the Friday, then on Sunday the Restaurant calls to say they are sorry, and to make up for it they’re giving you lifetime compensation of a huge luxury yacht fleet, private helicopters and jets, an island in Barbados, with all expenses paid, servants and everything… you’ll never need for anything again…

And Heaven is infinitely better than that…

That Jesus… What a guy! What a sacrifice! 

He wasn’t even dead long enough to bloat and fart… What’s the fun in that?

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Lie in

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Cross stitched

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No loophole 

It’s that simple.

People defend God’s lack of action when bad things happen, by stating God gave us free will. 

God, he of infinite wisdom, the creator who knows all that was, all that is, and all that will be, knew exactly what the result of giving man free will would be. Knowing what man would do, knowing the atrocities man would commit with free will, god still gave man free will.

It is all God’s fault. He knew what would happen. 

Exactly the same as the Apple in the Garden of Eden. God knew Eve would fuck up, yet God still puts a tree there with the forbidden Apple on it, then highlights it’s location to Adam and Eve… and blames Adam and Eve. What a wanker.

That’s like buying a years supply of dog biscuits and showing the dog where they are, pointing at the biscuits and saying ‘No…’

… And then being fucking surprised that the next day you have a fat dog and no dog biscuits… And then you punish the dog!!!  It’s no ones fault but your own.

Such a dick.

An omnipotent being wouldn’t fuck up like that, unless that omnipotent being was the creation of a man with a fat dog… So to speak.

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Hot as Hell

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