God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

But is it Art?

Pretty narrow audience appeal today…

You might just need to follow HORSETRACK HOOLIGANS podcast to find the answer to Chris Woods age old (few hours old) question…

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Getting a Woody


Once more I turn to butchering a Chris Woods original in the name of a cheap laugh at religion.

Hey, if you’re upset by the butchering of an artistic masterpiece, then I can only apologise (but he did give me permission)…

If you’re offended by the depicted crucifixion of a person who was at best, an amalgamation of many other cultish fairytales, then wind your neck in. The disclaimer is on the front page… Go read it.

Chris Woods is one of the current artists that make art interesting, provocative and attention grabbing. The near photographic quality of his brush work on some of his work is a pleasure to behold.

Chris Woods. SANDSTORM



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Nailed it!

No, not an original joke… It’s done the rounds more times than Mary on two beers for a goose night at a Sodom Inn, but this time it has added CLASS!

Yes, it’s a Chris Woods artwork, lovingly scrawled over at God and Son…

But wait! I hear you say… Is that the same Chris Woods of SANDSTORM fame?!?!?

Yup, and he gave me permission to devalue his art in the name of atheist humour… or something.


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In 2001 Jedi became recognised in the UK as a religion. It was recorded so many times in the national census that it made its mark.

True, a religion written into the census is not ‘official‘… so that being said, and keeping with the ‘official‘ view… Christianity, Judaism, Islam… also not official…

Anyway, Jedi being used as a religion is a great way to show that a fictional story (Star Wars) has, in several years, gained a following of fans so great, that it has a religion formed around it.

Give it time, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the Jedi Religion history may become blurred and the religion becomes as fixed as Christianity… People will argue that Star Wars was written as an analogy of Jedi faith, and that it came before the movies… and so it would build up, until it becomes believed as a factual, real thing….

Pretty much how I imagine Christianity and all other religions started out…

Anyway, a break from the norm… and as Chris Woods has been kind enough to let me use his work in various G&S cartoons, I’d like to bring your attention to his new project – SANDSTORM – and I hope that you can help him fund it.

This isn’t money to support a church roof or to line the Pope’s pocket, or to fight against dirty gays ruining nice white Christian morals… this is for Chris… This is so he can move up to the next level, and the reason I’m behind this particular exhibit is because it shows how a little story has become so very important in peoples lives… and yet this one we know is fictional…. for now… until history twists and turns and the truth gets lost in time… and people will talk of those wars of past as if they were true.

If a fictional movie has grown this much of a following in such a short time, maybe people will see, with the help of SANDSTORM, how the whole religion thing has the same roots… the same Chinese whispers… and finally a few people may start questioning the sanity…

So please, show your support and help raise the Chris Woods roof!!!



Parental Promises


Another picture based on the Chris Woods set of paintings: Stations of the Cross.

He’s also a top pod-caster with Horsetrack Hooligans.

Note: I have had permission to use this work from Chris, although the ‘humour’ expressed is not necessarily his... so don’t blame him for that.

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You think YOUR dad is hard…?

A bit of a side step from the usual God & Son fare….

Please follow the links to the original art work by the very talented artist Chris Woods. He’s also a top pod-caster with Horsetrack Hooligans.

Stations of the Cross – Artwork

Chris Woods – Artist

Note: I have had permission to use this work from Chris, although the ‘humour’ expressed is not necessarily his... so don’t blame him for that.

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