God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Christ, we missed International Blasphemy Day!

If I missed your religion, I apologise.

Your insignificant religious figureheads suck too…

I don’t ‘do’ religion, but I ‘get into the spirit‘ and I still wish people a merry Christmas and a Happy Easter.

Apparently ‘getting into the spirit’ is very important during times of religious festivals – or at least that’s what my religious friends tell me…

So, although I don’t ‘do‘ religion, I suppose it’s only fair to get in the spirit for Blasphemy Day… even though I’m a day late…

Dear Pope, please stick Mohammed up your arse & say three ‘Hail Satans‘, whilst defecating* on the Christ Child.”

* I understand the last bit might be tricky, what with the prophet causing a blockage.


Blasphemy Day…. Wasted on me. I would only consider it an offence if the thing I was berating actual existed…

“Ooooh, your mythical imaginary sky pixie is a bit of a shit, and his prophetic pixie son/messenger (etc) is a pair of big girls knickers…”


“Oooh, custard unicorns are tossers… as are the Smurfs that ride them…”

All the same level to me. Gods, unicorns (custard or otherwise), smurfs, pixies … all make believe rubbish that needs to be left behind. Apart from the custard.


Christ on a Dinosaur!

Credit to whoever first floated this tattoo photo on the Internet…


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