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Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Get ’em Whilst They’re Young

It’s tough enough being 6, what with all those great things to believe in – dragons, Easter bunnies, Santa, Superheroes … but kids being kids, if you are different and decide not to believe, then YOU are DIFFERENT… and you’ll be picked on by the other kids… your friends… because THEY’VE already been successfully hooked by their teachers, or have succumbed to the pressure of their school friends.

This was touched on in HEY PREACHER! – but at the time I did not click as to the peer pressure from kids who follow blindly…

This is how social brainwashing works. This is kids who don’t understand, pushing other kids into something they don’t understand…. and anywhere outside of religion, this would cause an uproar as BULLYING.

I’m all for people learning about religions, but this is wrong.


Hey! Preacher, Leave those Kids Alone

School is for learning proven facts. Core studies, maths, language, geography, health & fitness, logic & understanding…. and doubly so during the early years at infant school.

So it makes me angry that religion… a faith based subject, is taught to kids who do not understand the principal of faith.

Kids who play games of pretend, who think the Easter Bunny is real and get upset when a cartoon character gets an ouchie, are being taught that the figures in religion are real….

Real?!?! Well, that’s a matter of OPINION, and not FACT. Don’t get the two mixed up.

Maths is fact, science is fact, geography is fact…. God is a matter of opinion…. FACT.

My lad (not yet 6) is being taught religion, not ABOUT religion. Two very different things. I want him to know about religion, but I don’t want him (at this age) being indoctrinated INTO a religion. The same Christians that shout out about anti-abortion because a foetus has a right, then go on to take the right away from a young child by forcing views (not facts) on them!!!

I’m all for the teaching of morals and knowing right from wrong…. but religion is a choice, not a thing to be forced on a fertile, imaginative and highly absorbent mind.

You may as well teach them sex education, and instil in them that GAY IS BAD AND WRONG…. oh… some backward schools do…. but that’s for another blog site to deal with.

It’s a misuse of trust and enough to push an atheist to anti-theism…


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