God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

April Foowhaaa?

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Do you want irony with that?


If you want to follow a religion, then follow it.

Don’t pick bits and pieces and then get all preachy at other people.


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Got any change?


Don’t panic… but please leave feedback on this style. I’m just trying it out, although the standard square format will still be the main format… This style here would be used on ‘special’ occasions…

Or maybe Sunday Specials?


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Internet Pr0n

They can take a joke, yeah?



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Jesus, Muhammad & the Beer & Bacon Festival


Yup… Muhammad (the self proclaimed prophet) was married many, many times… Making even Henry the Eighth look like a virginal choirboy… One of Mo’s wives was 9 year old Aisha… WAIT… It’s not that bad… They HAD known each other for a while and WAITED until she was 9 to consummate the marriage…


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Nailed it!

No, not an original joke… It’s done the rounds more times than Mary on two beers for a goose night at a Sodom Inn, but this time it has added CLASS!

Yes, it’s a Chris Woods artwork, lovingly scrawled over at God and Son…

But wait! I hear you say… Is that the same Chris Woods of SANDSTORM fame?!?!?

Yup, and he gave me permission to devalue his art in the name of atheist humour… or something.


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In 2001 Jedi became recognised in the UK as a religion. It was recorded so many times in the national census that it made its mark.

True, a religion written into the census is not ‘official‘… so that being said, and keeping with the ‘official‘ view… Christianity, Judaism, Islam… also not official…

Anyway, Jedi being used as a religion is a great way to show that a fictional story (Star Wars) has, in several years, gained a following of fans so great, that it has a religion formed around it.

Give it time, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the Jedi Religion history may become blurred and the religion becomes as fixed as Christianity… People will argue that Star Wars was written as an analogy of Jedi faith, and that it came before the movies… and so it would build up, until it becomes believed as a factual, real thing….

Pretty much how I imagine Christianity and all other religions started out…

Anyway, a break from the norm… and as Chris Woods has been kind enough to let me use his work in various G&S cartoons, I’d like to bring your attention to his new project – SANDSTORM – and I hope that you can help him fund it.

This isn’t money to support a church roof or to line the Pope’s pocket, or to fight against dirty gays ruining nice white Christian morals… this is for Chris… This is so he can move up to the next level, and the reason I’m behind this particular exhibit is because it shows how a little story has become so very important in peoples lives… and yet this one we know is fictional…. for now… until history twists and turns and the truth gets lost in time… and people will talk of those wars of past as if they were true.

If a fictional movie has grown this much of a following in such a short time, maybe people will see, with the help of SANDSTORM, how the whole religion thing has the same roots… the same Chinese whispers… and finally a few people may start questioning the sanity…

So please, show your support and help raise the Chris Woods roof!!!



Mormon Kitten Terror


Where does it say anything in any religious scriptures about encasing a live kitten in concrete as a threat to your perceived enemies?

Yes, REALLY (Click here if you feel strong enough to stomach what this asshole did).

Isn’t religion lovely?

Aren’t religious people wonderful?

Good job they have their religion to give them a moral guide, unlike us atheists….

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The One with the Donkeys


I was surprised to find very little on the Internet about religious leaders having sex with animals…. (Yeah, must remember to clear my browser history…)

All I found was page after page and case after case about people from various mainstream religions abusing children, raping three year old girls, sodomising young boys, killing their children, mutilating children, chopping their children’s heads off, raping their daughters…

From all over the world I found atrocity after atrocity of child abuse carried out in the name of a god or religious icon…

I had to stop clicking ‘next page‘ because the list of religious child abuse just went on and on, and I became angrier and angrier at each page turn….but nothing about a bishop and three donkeys…. so apparently they have a limit….

…..or they know that they don’t need to fuck animals when there are frightened children they can abuse. Children who won’t tell on them for the fear they might upset Jesus (etc) and end up in one of many variations of Hell.

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Mass Stupidity


The Higgs Boson particle.


A very very very very simplified description for very very very very simple people.

Note to my international followers: Flavoured wobbly gelatine desert stuff is called jelly in many countries, or Jello in America and Canada. Oddly, Jelly in America or Canada is often used to refer to jam preserves…

Anyway, for this explanation, the raspberry flavoured gelatine desert will be referred to as JELLY.

The Higgs Boson particle is like the jelly (or ‘jello’ … you get the picture…) in a trifle.

Without it, all the fruit and sponge would go everywhere.

The jelly holds it together…. BUT it doesn’t hold everything the same way. The ice cream and sprinkles can move around more than the sponge and fruit stuck in the jelly.

Now imagine adding hot fudge sauce. The steam from the hot fudge sauce isn’t slowed down by the jelly at all!

If the jelly stopped the hot fudge steam escaping, then the whole trifle would be a melted watery goo of messed up fruit, sponge, ice cream, sprinkles and hot fudge sauce!

Yet without the jelly, the whole mixture and all the ingredients would shoot off all over the place and never ever be a trifle….

The Higgs Boson jelly particle stops some ingredients in the universe from flying off all over the place, whilst letting other ingredients fly around doing what they need to do.

The trifle is the universe and everything in it.

Okay… That’s what effect the Higgs Boson has in the universe….



The Higgs Boson is named after Peter Higgs, a professor.

He’s not God. For one thing, Higgs is real.

The God Particle is just a nickname for the HIGGS BOSON particle. Scientists ‘guessed’ that the particle must exist, or else all of their calculations would be wrong.

They spent 60 years looking for it.

Imagine being blindfolded and sitting in a small boat in a swimming pool. You are absolutely sure that something is keeping you and the boat from sitting on the bottom of the swimming pool, but it takes 60 years to finally manage to untie the blindfold and see what it is. The water HAD to be there… you just couldn’t prove it.

It was tricky, hard work, frustrating…. and one scientific author nicknamed it “That Goddamned Particle“. The book editor didn’t like the sweary sounding name, so reduced it to ‘The God Particle‘.

It has NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD. Okay, apart from the word ‘god’.

In fact it has PROVED more science to be RIGHT… Thus undermining yet more religious based crap about how the universe was created.

So, to all you narrow minded, unintelligent, band waggon jumping religious idiots who are shouting from the temples and mosques “THEY’VE DISCOVERED THE GOD PARTICLE! I BET YOU ATHEISTS FEEL LIKE DICKS NOW!?!?”…. I’d like to say that no, we don’t…. because we aren’t idiots, and we actually bothered to find out what the Higgs Boson is all about, instead of jumping to conclusions and making ourselves look like sky pixie worshipping morons by going on the Internet and pouring scorn on people with stuff we have no idea about, just because it has the word GOD in it.


Note to cleverer people: Yes, I know….. but this is the simplest analogy I could come up with.

Thanks to @aurora446 for the proof reading of my recipe… ­čÖé


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