God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

5 more minutes…

In all seriousness, I reckon I’m correct about the squeaky button.

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Rise and shine

He took the ultimate sacrifice to resolve us from our sins.

Ultimate sacrifice? 2 days dead and then eternity in the promised land? 

That’s like going to a restaurant on Thursday for a meal with your mates, getting food poisoning and having to be rushed to hospital on the Friday, then on Sunday the Restaurant calls to say they are sorry, and to make up for it they’re giving you lifetime compensation of a huge luxury yacht fleet, private helicopters and jets, an island in Barbados, with all expenses paid, servants and everything… you’ll never need for anything again…

And Heaven is infinitely better than that…

That Jesus… What a guy! What a sacrifice! 

He wasn’t even dead long enough to bloat and fart… What’s the fun in that?

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Lie in

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Cross stitched

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Hot as Hell

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Fasting? Screw that…

Did you know there’s an alternative to dieting?

Apparently you can just buy bigger clothes! It’s awesome!

Pretty much where I am right now…

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Ch ch ch changes…

A change is as good as a rest…

What do you think? Stick with the new or stay as he was?

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Don’t Panic!

I’m still here!

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Well duh!!!

I mean seriously! This is being reported as actual news because there is quite literally no other news going on in the world right now… Nothing… 

Everyone knew and nobody cares. 

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Early posting as it’s my birthday AND I’m off to see the Transformers Last Knight preview today… Hopefully catching a glimpse of me in it as a Saxon warrior… *shameless brag!*

Laters taters!

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