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Pants for higher

I thought it looked stupid before Bieber started doing it… But now I have to laugh at all the ‘cool’ street kids trying to look tough… because now they just look like they have girly love crushes on Bieber…. SQUEAL!!! JUSTIN!!! I WANT TO BE YOU!!! MARRY ME!!! SQUEAL!!!


Apparently it’s cool to look like you can’t get dressed without your mother’s help, wearing trousers/pants half way around your knees so people can see straight through between the top of your belt loop & the bottom of your frank & beans… Must be a real chick magnet…

Well, if you think it’s cool to dress like an American prison inmate who wants ass sex then go ahead… It’s very enlightened of you… Unless… UNLESS you were trying to imitate that factory built ‘pop singer’ acne factory Justin Bieber, with his pasty white ass hanging out of his ‘rape pants’.

Yeah… Those are two things that I ALWAYS look for when I think of fashion…

Yeah… I want to be like the Bieber… as much as I want my anus to be a prison toy.

Note: ‘Sagging’ originated in prisons because inmates were not allowed belts, but quickly became adopted by the gay subculture to show that a person was available for some man on man sex. Whether the subculture adopted this from the memes & emails that jokingly said this was a gay thing, or that it was a gay thing in the first place & then became a meme & viral email is still in question. Either way, it lost any cool status it may of had once Bieber did it…



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