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Lynch Mob Madness


Seriously, if it isn’t attention whores posting fake pictures of random children from Google image searches, with a caption saying ‘Killed in the Boston Bombing ~ LIKE this to send a prayer‘, then it’s people circulating pictures of people who may or may not have anything to do with the bombing… but look potentially suspicious… which is crazy, because thousands of Americans want justice, and it only takes a few to get the wrong idea to start carrying out revenge justice on innocent people, just because they look similar to a photo of someone who may or may not have been in Boston that day….

Sure, only a really small ‘insignificant‘ percent might want instant justice… Not even 1 person in 100…. let’s say 1 in every 200… 0.5%…. but multiply that by ‘The Internet‘ and once 100,000 people see that picture, that 0.5% becomes 500 people… and the insignificant mob becomes a dangerous vigilante army…

So, please check your sources & don’t spread bullshit on the net. It only ends up causing delays and reducing the resources the investigators have, by causing them to follow false leads or break up mobs.

You think people like that don’t exist? You think there aren’t people so stupid as to act without thinking it through properly?

How about the mob who attacked a paediatrician because they were so fucking ignorant that they thought it meant the Doctor was a child molester.

So, even if you think you are helping, please just leave it to the experts, and if you must share pictures of suspects etc, please just use official released pictures & LINK THEM TO THE POLICE PAGE that originally posted them.

So… If you really want to help (and it’s really very good that you, or anyone, does), then the best course of action is:

1. If you post a photo, make sure it is an official one from law enforcement sources.
2. Post a link back to the original website, so that people can go there to see what they should do if they know or see the person (it will have contact details & hotline numbers). It also helps people verify what you are posting.

1. Don’t be ambiguous or leading with your information, or lack thereof. If possible, quote direct from the law enforcement website.
2. Don’t post photos without official source back up.
3. Don’t post theories or information that could waste police time. Keep to the facts.



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Nailed it!

No, not an original joke… It’s done the rounds more times than Mary on two beers for a goose night at a Sodom Inn, but this time it has added CLASS!

Yes, it’s a Chris Woods artwork, lovingly scrawled over at God and Son…

But wait! I hear you say… Is that the same Chris Woods of SANDSTORM fame?!?!?

Yup, and he gave me permission to devalue his art in the name of atheist humour… or something.


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In 2001 Jedi became recognised in the UK as a religion. It was recorded so many times in the national census that it made its mark.

True, a religion written into the census is not ‘official‘… so that being said, and keeping with the ‘official‘ view… Christianity, Judaism, Islam… also not official…

Anyway, Jedi being used as a religion is a great way to show that a fictional story (Star Wars) has, in several years, gained a following of fans so great, that it has a religion formed around it.

Give it time, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the Jedi Religion history may become blurred and the religion becomes as fixed as Christianity… People will argue that Star Wars was written as an analogy of Jedi faith, and that it came before the movies… and so it would build up, until it becomes believed as a factual, real thing….

Pretty much how I imagine Christianity and all other religions started out…

Anyway, a break from the norm… and as Chris Woods has been kind enough to let me use his work in various G&S cartoons, I’d like to bring your attention to his new project – SANDSTORM – and I hope that you can help him fund it.

This isn’t money to support a church roof or to line the Pope’s pocket, or to fight against dirty gays ruining nice white Christian morals… this is for Chris… This is so he can move up to the next level, and the reason I’m behind this particular exhibit is because it shows how a little story has become so very important in peoples lives… and yet this one we know is fictional…. for now… until history twists and turns and the truth gets lost in time… and people will talk of those wars of past as if they were true.

If a fictional movie has grown this much of a following in such a short time, maybe people will see, with the help of SANDSTORM, how the whole religion thing has the same roots… the same Chinese whispers… and finally a few people may start questioning the sanity…

So please, show your support and help raise the Chris Woods roof!!!



Hard to Admit

From the sad but true files…

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Radical Internet Safety

From an idea heard on Horsetrack Hooligans. Nice one Jordan (and BANKS!!!!).

Ep:39 – 54 minutes in.

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Deranged Fruit Loop

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Everyone is Atheist

Being a poly-atheist on the other hand, safely covers the disbelief of many gods….

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Why Religious People hope Atheism is Right…


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What Would Jesus Do

Got any questions for Jesus? Just send them in & I’ll … HE’LL answer them … maybe.

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