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Vaginal Mutilation, Hallelujah!


This from a UK newspaper. It is one of many stories relating to this topic, and similar others over several religions…

An Islamic holy man and his wife have been jailed for the genital mutilation of their four daughters.

The case has shocked France and was branded by a female government minister as a ‘grave crime’ and an ‘intolerable affront to women’s dignity.’

All four of the victims, now aged between 11 and 20, were in court to hear the sentence and wept and cried out as their parents were led away from the dock.

The unnamed father was sentenced to two years and his wife got 18 months for allowing a ‘doctor’ to remove parts of their vaginas.

They were charged with ‘complicity in voluntary violence having led to mutilation by an older person of a minor under the age of 15 years’ , a crime punishable by a maximum of 20 years jail.

Whilst not strictly a religious act, there are those that see it as a strictly religious act… It goes with the territory and way of life that follows some religions. Sadly though, there are certain Christian, Jewish and largely Islamic groups that see this as pleasing to their god, and required…. regardless of any scripture. See, who cares if a holy book is wrong or right when blind dumb faith is all you need. Barbaric idiots.

If it’s written in holy papers or not, religion and associated fantasy faiths are still fully at fault. If the religions were not there, then this sort of crap wouldn’t happen.



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