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Pray your leg back!

Yes, this was on a TV show, and a TV show that takes the issues seriously…

If prayer really worked, then all of those people who pray to God so he can help me see the error of my atheist ways and to save me from eternal damnation….well… I can only assume they aren’t praying correctly, because it’s not working…

If prayer can’t do that simple task, then best of luck trying to pray a leg back on to a stump… And yes, I mean a real leg, regrown like a lizards tail… That’s what the holy dude said…



Theirs Always One

The trouble is, I don’t have a proof reader…
… I have a belief reader!


I think I got out of that won without two many people noticing…

Dedicated to Daedalus! May your wings stay sound and your wax subtle.


Proof of Belief is not Belief of Proof

Belief and proof… Seemingly simple words, but certain people get the two a bit muddled up…


You wouldn’t believe me if you knew the things I manage to believe on a daily basis.


Sheeply Going…

Yup… G&S has hit Facebook… (Yes… This IS the link)

It doesn’t mean much at this end of things, as you’ll still get all the (sub) quality cartoons and humour that you’re used to on the website.

It does mean though that people can view G&S through Facebook, and also join in all the various Facebook atheist groups (many can be found via the link menu on God and Son)

So, nothing is changing, but a lot (a bit…) is happening!

Feel free to share & like, it’s more likely to save a life than praying…


We are also on TWITTER.

As for the bullshit social media thing… Have a look OVER HERE at a great book by B.J Mendelson.

And no, I haven’t sold out! As usual, I link to people and places because I either like them, or think you might. I don’t get any financial reward for it. It just feels good.

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Dedicated to yesterday’s commenters.

Inspired by, even…



Don’t push too hard…


Several years ago I took a class on philosophy. We explored the various views and stances of religion, but as there were no religious people in the class it was down to certain students to take the role of a believer, to allow philosophical debate. Besides, it is easy to defend with belief rather than fact.

Not one student found it hard to take the role of a religious follower, and not one found it difficult to put forward and defend arguments in favour of a god. I found it particularly easy, after all, it was about learning from the debate, and that required a strong argument from both sides.

Then a Christian joined the group, and to give balanced debate there were occasions where they would have to take the role of the atheist.

I learnt the following from this class, and this has been repeated time and time again when believers and non-believers have been asked to carry out similar role play debates:

The atheists could quite happily play the role of a believer. It meant nothing to them, and they could defend god without a hint of discomfort, yet once the debate was done, they went back to their atheistic ways without a second thought.

The Christians just could not take up the role of atheist. They fought to not take part in the role play, and on the occasions that they did bend a little and participate, they put very little effort into defending their godless position. They argued that they couldn’t imagine no god, ‘because there IS a god!’…

To me, and many others, this showed a great lack of faith from the believers. How much deep rooted doubt must they have to be unable to even role play as an atheist? The atheists had such a grasp on their views that they felt no pressure in acting and defending their roles as believers.

This is reflected on a daily basis by those who simply cannot accept different racial types, or people with sexual preferences that go against what they consider straight and normal.

Some people get so wrapped up in their own little world, that they’d rather fight against everyone else, than try and flex a little and see things through others eyes… Show others a little empathy.

I can’t help but feel sorry for these people who trap themselves in their human phobias & religious beliefs. They send out such aggression because of how weak they feel against others openness and understanding.


My Mistake: God is REAL

Okay, I bow down and eat humble pie.


I’ve been so wrong.

My mind is blown.

I found this ABSOLUTE PROOF for the unquestionable existence of God.



Buyer’s Remorse


All your mates have got Playstations and Xboxes… and you got a Power Ranger…

Okay.. A GaoRanger… but they rock, yeah?

Yeah, it’s a cheap Chinese copy of a Power Ranger, and yeah it has a high lead paint content and can cause blindness, but it’s WAY better than a games console… I mean, these things are going to be the new collectables… The illegal manufacturing method and low production run only adds to the authenticity! This is an investment! Kids love investments!


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And Saint Attila raised the Bubble Machine up on high, saying:




A Bit of Focus

Commandment 5:
If you honour your parents, you will get to live in the promised land.

Okay, seems fair. Direct from Gods mouth onto a stone tablet. Can’t argue there.

Commandment 2:
If your parents make false idols, or don’t worship God, then their sins will be passed down through generations of their children… So yeah… Forget about commandment 5.

Because God can be a contrary bitch.


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