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Pret A Manger – Bloody Ignorant.



An open letter to Pret A Manger regarding your dropping the Virgin Mary crisp name.

Dear Pret A Manger,

I object to you DROPPING the name of your Virgin Mary crisps, just because some Catholic assholes THINK it refers to THEIR Mary.

You may as well rename your company, as Jesus was supposedly born in a manger… MANGER… You must be referring to the Christ child’s birth place! Blasphemy!

Ridiculous eh? Because that’s not what your ‘Manger’ means… BUT…

The name “Bloody Mary” is associated with a number of historical figures, and whilst there is confusion as to the drinks original Mary (the drink the crisps are based on), out of the Mary’s it might be, Christ’s supposed mother IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

History of the drink name has several suggestions, but they come down to theses…

  • Queen Mary I of England, a CATHOLIC who gained her ‘Bloody Mary‘ moniker in the 16th century nickname, due to her brutal treatment of Protestants…The first recorded use of this ‘Bloody Mary’ name. If anyone has a right to protest against the crisp name, it’s the Protestants and NOT the Catholics!
  • At the time the drink was created, there was a waitress named Mary who worked at a the Chicago bar called the Bucket of Blood.
  • Named for the Hollywood star Mary Pickford
  • One further option was the mythical ghost ‘Bloody Mary’. The modern ghost’s name is actually linked to Queen Mary I anyway.

So Pret A Manger; either your researchers who dropped the name are clueless, or you are spineless yourselves because you feel you need to drop a name that has nothing to do with Christ’s mother, just because some idiots think it does have something to do with Christ’s mother!!! You bow down to their intellectual short fall.

I recommend you apologise for these ridiculous actions by introducing a cashew based sour snack called ‘Religious Nuts‘.




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