God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

Alien Drive-by


“Hey, Zmbuk, looks like a planet that could do with our help.”

“Yes Chniz, let’s land and share our technol…. Hang the fnyuk on… what are they doing?”

“Ghyst on a solar-sled! They’re fighting over who believes in the right imaginary sky pixie… Some are even fighting over the interpretation of the fictional teachings and rules of the same sky pixie!”

“It gets worse Chniz. They’re killing people due to skin colour and who they love!”

“Fnyuk them. If they have no tolerance of their own species, then what will they do to us?”

“Maybe in a few hundred years they’ll either realise they are wrong or kill everyone over a fairytale….”

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Chuck Norris – Closet Homosexual?

Chuck Norris is so tough, he…. Erm…. fears gays…


He’s so far in the closet, his best friend is a talking faun called Mr Tumnus.

Read all about it HERE.


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Free Yourself

A study carried out showed that females were more scared as children of the monster under the bed. Males were more scared of the monster in the closet.

This dated back to how our primitive brains were programmed…. It is the reason we survived those early years in the swamps, caves and woods…. and it never left us.

The females would look after the young by finding high places to stay safe, such as up trees.
To make sure the females were safe, the males all gathered around the bottoms of the trees to fend of anything coming out of the woods and forests.

The females were always alert of attacks coming up the tree, whereas the males were always alert for the creatures coming out of the shadows of the trees….

Survival skills like that became ingrained. In our more enlightened age, the monsters are just shadows of shadows of our primitive history – but now and then they still trigger off and cause nightmares.

Ever go downstairs in the night and feel more on edge than if it was daytime? That’s the old caveman instincts right there.


In built fear? Yes…

In short: When you are a child, the idea of learning by your mistakes is NOT going to do the human race much good. You crawl out into a tar pit…. and you die. You go and play with a wild dog…. and you die. You crawl into a fire…. and you die. You eat the wrong berry…. you die.

So, part of the human make up is to ACCEPT what our parents and elders tell us without question. They say don’t go near the tar pit, don’t play with the wild dog, stay away from the fire and don’t eat that berry…. you take that information in without question… you survive… and the human race carries on.

You then go and tell your children the same thing…. and they pass it on to their children. It’s an unquestionable source of information, and very seldom is any thought given to this once you reach adulthood.

So back when science was not understood, and there were no TV’s, computers or books around, the wise man in the village used to teach the children. The wise man was often the religious man, Voodoo man, magic man etc…. but as a ‘wise man‘ his words were taken as truth, and the words were passed down through generation after generation.

The trouble with information that is passed through generations, is it becomes harder to shake. Harder to disbelieve…. It gains staying power the older it is.

So when God was first used as an explanation to how things in nature worked…. when Jesus (an educated man) told his stories and based them around the analogy of God (a man created symbol that the current people understood)… when all these stories got passed down, and down, and down…. they stuck.

With that much weight and history behind it, and still having it taught today to our kids… and most likely how you learned about it… is it any wonder that people find it so hard to disbelieve?

People believed the Earth was flat due to stories passed down…. But people’s understanding of science evolved. We have satellite images of the planets that give undeniable evidence… but sadly the spread of things like creationism has been harder to shake, because it is wrapped up in the God myth…. and the fear that YOU WILL BURN IN HELL if you question it.

I don’t blame you – It’s incredibly hard to give up on stories that were ingrained in our brains and DNA since the beginning of time… stories that have been passed down through generations, that have propagated around the world (and changed to suit the beliefs in those locations).

If a few generations of humans stopped teaching religion, it would fade away. That’s not a bad thing.



As a side note: To spread the human race over the planet we had to ensure that we didn’t all stay in one place, naturally!

Ever noticed when a child hits puberty that they become ‘difficult’ and argumentative, even rebellious? That’s preprogrammed in our DNA to make it easier for parents (even push parents) to let their children flee the home.

Much like parental love of our very young is imbedded in our brains so that we look after our young and help the grow up, the argumentative teen is a trigger set to make your child run away, and for you to let it. It’s natures way of spreading us around the world.

Sadly, the rebellious genetic programming can kick in and cause the child to kick back against certain beliefs of the parent.

This means that many a non-religious child will go towards religion to rebel. Yes, if you don’t teach your kinds atheism early on and embed that into their ‘survival’ brain functions, they may well rebel with religion… BUT not many non-believers teach non-belief… That would be like teaching non-mathematics or non-basketball.

If a religious child was instilled with religion early on though, it is more likely to not rebel against that though, because it’s built in to the ‘survival’ side of the brain. Not many religious families wait until a child is past ‘survival’ learning before they teach religion…

So… You are predisposed to take in everything you are taught during the ‘survival training’ period, and you are predisposed to rebel against your parents, but not against what was programmed in during that ‘survival’ period. As such, childhood has more ways of producing religious sheep than it does of producing atheist free thinkers.

We are born broken!

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Deranged Fruit Loop

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Everyone is Atheist

Being a poly-atheist on the other hand, safely covers the disbelief of many gods….

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Why Religious People hope Atheism is Right…


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You’ve Been Trolled

Yeah…. you know they aren’t worth the energy when they rant away about their religion, yet worship TV actors, shows and characters at other times…

Maybe they should rename a few shows:  ‘Pop False Idol‘ or ‘American False Idol‘….

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What Would Jesus Do

Got any questions for Jesus? Just send them in & I’ll … HE’LL answer them … maybe.

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