God and Son

Poking the bloated corpse of religion with a pointy stick to hear it fart.

The God & Son Poll

Just out of interest, as I know we get all sorts at God and Son…

Doesn’t believe in any gods. An Atheist who is also actively against religion. (I write this cartoon, so I fit in here).

Doesn’t believe in any gods. Doesn’t really care if others do.

Doesn’t know if gods exist. Would like proof before deciding either way.

Don’t Care
Really never even considered believing or not believing in a god. By the time you’ve read this sentence you’ll probably vote for something else, as you’re already thinking ‘I don’t care, but…’

Non-practicing (or very mild) religious person. Goes to church maybe occasionally. A believer for sure, but very restrained.

Strongly Religious
Goes to church or whatever frequently. Actively acceptant of gods. Doesn’t feel like an idiot when defending their faith, regardless of any real evidence against it. They believe, and everyone else can go to Hell.

As a side note, Dawkins stated that at best, we could only really be agnostic. See this article. We could be on an atheist or highly religious end of a scale, but it would still be an agnostic scale. As such, you can be an agnostic atheist, agnostic believer, or simple right in the middle, agnostic.

You could really not believe, or you could really believe, with every fibre of your being, but in both cases there is no definitive proof for or against a god.

True, science is finding answers for all things that were once attributed to gods, but it is harder to prove that a non existent thing doesn’t really exist, than it is to prove a real, tangible thing exists.

The philosophers Wittgenstein & Russell demonstrated this with Wittgenstein challenging Russell to prove there wasn’t a rhino in their room. No matter what Russell came up with to prove the rhino wasn’t there, Wittgenstein came up with a defence at why Russell was wrong. There was no rhino, but it was harder to prove it didn’t exist, even though it obviously didn’t, than it was to counter with an argument of proof.

That doesn’t mean that god exists, it just means it’s hard to prove the non-existence.

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  13. lightenup says:

    I voted for Rusty pup-Good Luck!, But seriously, there is no place to vote for God at God and Son? I am not religious so that is not a choice. How about a “loves God” choice?

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